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Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween and Smithsville Burying Ground

One of the highlights for me was visiting the Smithsville Burying Ground. It is a cemetery but had that cool name. I love cemeteries. I know that will not surprise anyone who knows me. I find them peaceful and beautiful. The older the more beautiful. And, I do not find them creepy or scary. They are a place or reverence and This one I really loved. I decided to post the pictures in black and white because they look so much better in black and white. Plus, it's Halloween.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Throwback Thursday ~ Halloween

Okay I must have been like one year old when this was taken. That means this photo is at least 49 years old. This is me as a bunny for Halloween. I have no idea who those guys are but it's me and my sister, who looks to be dressed in a kimono. Not sure what her costume was but I look freaking adorable!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Ferry and Southport, NC

One of the first outings we took after my terrible, horrible, no good bad cold was a road trip to take a ferry ride. I was still not feeling 100% and it was a coldish gloomy day so Tom suggested we head out to Fort Fisher and catch the ferry to Southport. I thought why not?

We lucked out when we arrived at the ferry. We were the second to the last car to get on. It would have taken almost an hour to take the next ferry if we had missed this one. It was fun. We drove onto the ferry. You can get out of your car, if you can. Some people were trapped because how people parked. We lucked out that I could get out on my side but Tom had to crawl out on my side.

It was great though. We were able to walk around and go up to a viewing deck. The ride was fun. It is always nice to be on the water even though it was just a ferry boat. Once we left the ferry we drove into Southport. Southport is a cute little town that we need to visit again.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Childhood Memories ~ Flour Tortillas with Honey

I loved my childhood. One of the things I loved was when my mami would make us treats. One of those treats was fried flour tortillas with honey. It was one of the simplest things in the world to make yet it was filling and tasty. I remember having these for breakfast or a late night snack. We didn't have a lot of money so this was also a very inexpensive snack to make. But it tasted like it was fancy!

All you do is cut up a flour tortilla into 4 pieces. Then fry those pieces in a little cooking oil. You have to be careful because the flour tortillas will burn easily. Once they are cooked, drain them on a paper towel. Then drizzle some honey over them. You can also use powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar over the tortillas for flavor.

I am a honey girl. These are so delicious and wonderful. And these always evoke memories of my childhood and my mom.