Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness

This is the name of my other blog that I probably will never ever write in but I loved the name and decided to take it before anyone else did. Of course, I doubt anyone else would because I sort of coined the phrase and there is probably only one other person in the world who really understand the art of random willy-nillyness.

That would be my friend Kathy in Santa Fe (Kathy is not her real name but a nickname I gave her just because). She and I worked together and dealt with random willy-nillyness (RWN) all the time. We even had t-shirts made up with RWN and a red circle and a line through it, sort of like the cigarette thing. We had our own club of two and because we worked at a non-profit there was a lot of RWN around all the time.

I can't really explain RWN but I know we all deal with it all the time. Sometimes RWN is good, sometimes it's bad. Usually it was bad at work. Usually it's bad when other people are doing. Basically it's BS run amok. Of course, I am sure I have confused every one reading this but oh well. I wish I have concrete examples of RWN to give and I might think of some someday and post them. But I know RWN when I see it.

But there is good RWN. Good RWN is sort of how I live my life. A good example of this is today I decided to make a quiche for breakfast tomorrow. I start cooking the bacon to add to it. Well as I was frying the bacon, I am also cleaning and watching "Goodfellas" on TV. So I sit down to watch a scene of the movie and next thing I know, the bacon is burning. DOH! Well I salvaged enough of the bacon to shove a few random pieces into my mouth and boy was it good. Can I tell you that bacon is the most perfect food? Anyway, so here I am with a pie crust baking (frozen not homemade) and nothing to put into it. So I look in the fridge and I see I have chorizo and ham and berries. So I decide to make a berry pie.

Here is where the RWN comes in. Firstly, I have never ever baked a pie. So my decision to do this is random. The willy-nillyness is how I did it. So I think, hmmm, I will take the berries and put them in a pot with some sugar and cook them down. So I did that. I added sherry for flavor but after a few minutes I am looking at watery berries and there is no way I can put them in the crust without making a mess. So then I figured okay I will add cornstarch (more RWN) to the mixture to make it thick and it worked. I put the mixture in the pie crust. Take another crust and then top it off and make some holes on top. Remember I have no clue what the heck I am doing. I put it in the oven and 20 minutes later I had a fresh berry pie.

Tom comes home and sees my pie and was shocked I would even try baking a pie. He actually didn't want to taste. Now I told him when have I ever made something you can't eat. Well there was one time when I tried to make post roast like 14 years ago and it was good but the texture was weird. But really that's because I had never really made pot roast ever. I never had made macaroni and cheese or any "American" food because my parents are from Costa Rica and so they didn't really cook that stuff. But I did grow up eating some really kick ass Costa Rican and Hispanic food. But I digress and I will maybe one day write about it.

Now back to the pie. So we have dinner: ham, mashed potatoes and stuffing (left over from our January Thanksgiving) and I am dying for pie. Well Tom takes a mini piece but I live dangerously and had a big slice with cool whip (the most perfect fake food) and it was damn delicious. Holy cow. It worked although I just winged it.

So this goes to show you that sometimes being random and willy-nilly is a good thing and there is an ART to doing it.


  1. Nooooo, you can not let the other blog go unattended! You could have guest bloggers with a different RWN story each would be hilarious! The office I work in alone could supply a years worth of RWN stories!

    Thanks for stopping by, its been fun to read your blog!

  2. I love your term. I have never heard of that before now. How fun! What a funny story about trying to make your pie!!!

    You should write on that blog too!


  3. Great post, I would have loved to see a photo of the pie!