Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thanksgiving in January

We decided to have Thanksgiving in January. I love Thanksgiving and I have no idea why we only celebrate it once a year. So I decided that I would have a Thanksgiving meal at least 3 times a year just because. So tomorrow is the day.

Okay it does help that I got a free turkey in December from our local grocery store because I spent hundreds of dollars at their store. So in reality the Turkey probably cost a few hundred dollars but oh well. It's like when I lived in Santa Fe and the Albertsons was giving away stamps to collect for cookware. Well I always shopped there so I started collecting them. And so did two of my friends. In the end, my friend's daughter calculated that each pan we got cost about $500-800. But hey, they were free to me because I was buying food anyway, right? And let me tell you that those darn pots rock the house! But I digress. . .

I did eat turkey on Thanksgiving but it from bed at MIL's house since I threw my back out that morning. So Thanksgiving was sort of a bust last year. And I didn't get to cook since we were visiting. And I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Now I did get the opportunity to cook Turkey when I visited my parents in Costa Rica for Christmas. But it wasn't the same. I really couldn't find all the ingredients I needed and my mom's kitchen is minuscule. I also had to go down the block and cook the turkey at my cousins house because mom's stove is teeny tiny. But overall it turned out pretty good.

I made bread homemade bread yesterday to use in the stuffing. I can't wait to eat. It will be a traditional meal with mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, turkey, fresh bread, spinach with tomatoes and feta cheese. The one thing missing will be dessert since we are trying to cut back. But I guess having a full turkey day meal isn't really cutting back.

But I am thankful I can have Thanksgiving in January and all the other good things I have today.


  1. i love thanksgiving dinner and every so often i do a scaled down version with a turkey breast instead of a whole turkey. my kids like mashed potatoes, peas, crescent rolls, and cranberry sauce with their turkey so that's my pared down version!!! hope you all enjoy... it's a great idea!!!!

  2. Well, good for you! I would love to do this, but I would have to say no to the extra helpings of pumpkin pie this time!

  3. I love the idea of Thanksgiving throughout the year - brilliant!