Saturday, February 28, 2009

Down in the Dumps

This post is not what you think because I am not depressed or anything like that. I am writing because I am happy I didn't have to go down to the dump today. Yes folks, every Saturday is dump day. Well around here is not actually a dump. It's more like the "recycling" center.

This is how small my town is. We have no garbage service from the city or county or anything. Now we can pay for someone to come and take our trash and although we know this service exists, we can't find it in the phone book, go figure. I even chased down one of the trucks one day to get a phone number but I lost it when he went up a little street and disappeared probably into a holler or something. He probably thought I was some deranged nut stalking him or something. So since no one comes to pick up our trash, we have to take it to get "recycled."

It's not fun. Luckily, Tom does most of it but when we have tons of trash, I get dragged along to help out. Now he knows I am no help except to tell him he missed a box or a bag in the back of the car but he insists. And I do have to admit that the dump is a great place to socialize. Every time we go we see someone we know. We chat and then go on our way. When we do meet up with someone we know, I like to try and see what kind of trash they have to get some info. Yes, I am nosy, I admit it. But since we have to separate trash we can see if they have bought something new by the boxes they dump or if they are boozers (bless their hearts) by the bottles they dump etc. But mainly, it's a chore I hate.

Today I was saved. Now we had TONS of trash because last week Tom was out of town and I didn't go to the dump. My bad. But I got away with it. :) So this week we had double the trash and we had tons of boxes. But we got up later than usual and then I made breakfast and by the time it was trash time it was too late for me to go since Tom had to go to Asheville (an hour away) for a meeting. WOOHOO. So I "helped" him get the trash in the car. Yeah I carried 3 boxes out to the car and sort of pretended I was arranging them for a long time, sue me! But I got out of it because I said "OMG honey you are going to be late. You better just go and I will go next week." Well he is out of town again next week so that means no trash because my lazy big butt won't do it.

Maybe one day we will get a trash service but for now I have to plot ways of avoiding it!


  1. That does sound like an arduous chore. Bummer that you live in an area with no pick up service! BTW I have a blogging award on my site for you :-) Please check out today's post!

  2. Our weekly trip to the dump is a much anticipated event for us (that sounds odd, eh?). I, too, live in a tiny little town with no pick up services, but a trip to the 'Garden Valley Mall' can prove to yield better finds than the poshest of yard sales. Al,Bill, and Richard, the 'Dump Nazi's', always set aside anything they may feel would be of interest to a savvy shopper, and place it on display. It's too bad that so many 'dumps' do not allow salvaging - It would cut down on the amount of refuse they would have to bury. Better for us, better for them, better for our environment. :)