Thursday, February 26, 2009

Going Native

I hope this post doesn't offend anyone because it's not meant to offend. But I was just thinking that I have lived here for 10 months and I really love it although it's very different from anywhere else I lived.

I worked temporarily at the university here for a few months and met some really cool people one of which was a woman named Carolyn (yes just like me) who was born and raised here. So while there she tried to get me to "talk country" as much as possible. Now being a huge To Kill Mockingbird fan I have picked up some of the lingo from the book. I always say things like "the cat was yelling to beat Jesus." I call ghosts "haints." Sometimes I slip into a little country drawl but I used to do this when I lived in Florida. Again, I am sticking to the story that I was reincarnated and used to be a Southern Belle because I always have had an affinity for the South!

Well we were outside one day and Carolyn says "it's colder than a frog's belly." That made me laugh and she explained that frog bellies are cold. After that day, she tried to teach me country. One day I was sitting in her office and some of the university maintenance crew came in. Carolyn knows everyone in the world so they were chatting and she mentioned that I had no idea what colder than a frog's belly meant. So at that point I was subjected to questioning. Did I know what a holler was? I did. They made me say y'all. Now when I tried I was told I was not holding the all long enough. It was actually quite enlightening and fun. But I am still the city girl. So to reciprocate I tried teaching Carolyn a little Spanish but that didn't really work out. :)


  1. you could try teaching her some jersey: "it's colder than a witch's tit" usually gets attention if you drop in the right circles ;).

  2. OMG I use that all the time. I did tell her that and she was a little appalled. I said that's so common amongst my circles. She is sticking to the frog's belly. :D

  3. My MIL says "colder than a witch's tit in a brass bra!"

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  4. Very funny. :) I'm from OK...sorta we speak some "country" here. It is kinda it's own language. It's like there's English, turn there is English with a southern twist. Have you ever had anyone tell you that you're "finer than a frog hair split four ways?" Well, if you do, it's a compliment...see not only are frogs' bellies cold, apparently they are, that's pretty fine :)

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  5. Cute! Love how you needed to hold the "all" longer.

    I lived in Mississippi for a few years as a child and when I came back to Michigan, I must've brought a bit of twang back with me because I remember the kids at school saying "it's CAN'T not CAIN'T"! ;o)