Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's snowing

I have to admit that I have a love/hate relationship with snow. I grew up in California and it only snowed once while I lived there. And it was like the world was ending because it never happens. Well it does but in the mountains. We would go to the snow but I had never seen snow fall.

Then I went away to college and lived in Florida. Well, enough said.

The first time I saw snow fall was in Cleveland, OH while we were visiting Tom's family. It was beautiful and cold and I loved how it blanketed the landscape but on the other hand it was slippery and dirty after a few days.

When we lived in State College, PA, we only spent one winter there and it snowed but I think I tried to block that out of my head so I don't remember it all that well. It's weird.

Then we moved to Santa Fe and it snowed there. Not a lot of enough. I have a tiny little car and I had to drive in the smow once and it was horrible. The car is so light that it had no traction and I slid out. Nothing happened but it was scary. Luckily my co-worker and friend, KJ lived close by and she would give me a ride to and from work anytime it snowed!! So there was only a few more times I had to drive in the snow. I would drive like 2 miles an hour, white knuckled and never blinking. I can't get used to it. It scare the beejesus out me. Now in NC where we live it has snowed every so often and it is snowing today. Luckily, I have no where to go.

But I love the snow because it's like a white wash on the landscape and it is beautiful as it falls. It floats and spins and it makes me happy to watch it fall. I think we won't have any stick today and it might tonight but who knows. It's weird here. We are in the mountains close to TN but it seems to snow more in Asheville than here. I am sure we will wake up to snow on the ground tomorrow and again I will be stuck in the house but that's okay. Poor Tom has to go to work but he grew up in Cleveland so he is used to it.

But now I am happy to see the white flakes outside my window covering the year and disappearing into the river that runs in front of our house. There is something so peaceful about snow falling.


  1. You have been tagged!

  2. I like snow, but here in Arkansas we get about as much ice as snow and I greatly dislike ice. Yuk.

    Thanks for coming by and entering my give away. Good luck!

  3. Carolyn-

    I'm so glad you are following my blog now! Thank you for all of your very nice comments - they are greatly appreciated! I'm glad that you find things on my blog to relate to. xoxo

    Cupcake Chowder

  4. Ashley,
    Tom taugh there for a year. I loved the school and I do miss that Creamery ice cream. Best damn ice cream in the world!!