Monday, February 23, 2009

Just random thoughts. . .

I haven't been much in the mood to blog lately. Maybe that will change in a few days. I am just in a quiet time phase. Sometimes I just don't want to talk or see other people.

I actually love being alone sometimes. I have always been that way ever since I was little. I would spend hours alone playing or talking with my "imaginary" friends. Now I say "imaginary" because they were there for me and not imaginary but people just don't get that little kids do see things we don't see when we grow up and are told that these things don't exist. WHen I think about it, I used to not sleep sometimes when I was little either. I remember when it rained or there was a lightning storm, I would sneak out of bed and watch the storm. I remember one night my mom telling me not to do that but I would still do it. I loved it.

I grew up in LA and we would always have the Santa Ana winds and I would sneak up to the roof of our garage and sit there for hours feeling the wind whip around me. I still on occasion go outside when there is a huge windstorm. When we lived in Santa Fe, we would get real doozies but the problem with Santa Fe is that it was always so dry and dusty that I had to stop going out to feel the wind. When we lived in Florida, well after living through 3 hurricanes I don't have to tell you about huge winds! Here in NC, it gets windy. The other day we had a big storm and it broke my gazing ball. I need a new one now. But it's too cold to go outside and feel the wind.

Of course I went off on a ramble but it is a random thoughts post so I guess I can do that. So anyway, I just wanted to say that I was not in the mood to blog. But I guessed I just blogged. See more random willy-nillyness on my part. :)


  1. I can relate to much of what you said. I can be alone for hours and find many things to keep myself occupied. Sometimes quiet is blissful. Hope you get your blogging zest back :-) I'm nearing the end of NaBloPoMo; it is hopefully going to be a lot easier next month!

  2. I thought your post was profound, despite you not feeling up to blogging. I enjoyed hearing about your childhood. It sounds like you were (and still are) very thoughtful and creative.

    I'm curious about one thing, but you certainly don't have to answer, if you don't want to. Are you an only child?

  3. caro (that's actually one of my nicknames), I am not an only child. I have an older sister. We are very close but we are also very different. It's funny when I was little I was the outgoing one and she was shy. Now we are the total opposite. I am more introverted and she is the social butterfly.

  4. I've always loved to watch storms too. Not so much for the wind, but I love the rain (so long as I can see it from the inside). I think you might need some vitamin D! Some good 'ol sunshine might perk ya back up. Best of luck finding the new ball, and stay warm. By the way, my daughter talks to people that I used to know (if you know what I mean).

  5. Wow you are so brave. When I was a child, I love to see the storms too.
    Where we lived, there is no too many storms. But 8 years ago, we moved to Minnesota and we where inside too many storms. Now I scared of them.

  6. I feel you! I get that way too... days that I just don't feel like blogging. It's hard to come up with something interesting to say every day!

  7. i love being alone. i like blogging cause it gives me a sense of being connected to people wihtout actually having to have them around. :) and sometimes even i run out of stuff to say!... it always happens that if i let it go... it comes back. no harm in taking a break from anything, you know!

  8. Hey Carolyn!
    It's MANO!
    Just read your blog post and found it to be very profound so absolutely, I agree with caroneko. I too sometimes like to be by myself and catching a breeze and checking out the butterflies and such...That's healthy shit! Go for it!
    Big hug to both you and Tom-