Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Favorite Art (Hanging in my House)

I thought I would share my favorite painting. This painting is from a Miami artist called MANO. The painting is titled La Patona. A loose translation is: the big-footed girl. It hangs above our mantle and is the main focus of our living room. We fell in love with this painting the minute we saw it , so we bought it.

The artist is a great guy who we adore. His wife is one of my good friends and she is like a sister to me. We met when we worked together at a museum in Miami. We used to do a lot of events and she would always bring in these great pictures to use on her invitations and programs. One day I asked where she found these and she told me it was a local artist and friend of hers. I asked if she would have the artist create some art for a program I was doing and she agreed. I remember it was a wine event so Mano made me two funky wine glasses and everyone loved the program. I also use to coordinate an annual auction at the museum and asked her to see if the artist was willing to donate a painting. That's when she came clean and told me it was her hubby. I couldn't believe it. But it didn't matter who it was because the paintings were so good and I had to have a painting for the auction. So the day of the auction comes and I am all ready to get myself a new painting and I didn't. The painting was our best seller and there was no way I could afford it.

Mano continued painting and he found an audience. Now they have their own art gallery in Coral Gables, FL. They do all sorts of art shows all over the country. He has continued growing as an artist and does so many more things. I am so proud that we own one of the first of Mano's paintings.

We also have 4 others (below, one not pictured). The two on the left were a set we bought with La Patona and are unnamed. The one on the right is called La Princessa, the Princess in English, and was gifted to me by Mano and his wife for a birthday. I love it.

We hope to acquire more Mano's but he is so popular now that they are out of our price range. But at least we still have four original painting and we also have a limited edition Christmas print (not pictured) so we are doing pretty good on the Mano collection. We actually have decorated around La Patona at our last 2 houses. Our house in Florida had white walls and it was so boring that we decided to get crazy and we painted the walls burgundy and orange because it made La Patona stand out more. We did the same in our house in Santa Fe. We were also lucky to have enough wall space in Santa Fe where we had a whole Mano wall. Luckily this house has the red wall already so it was perfect for her and perfect for the other 4 paintings.

So if you have time and like La Patona as much as we do, go take a look at his website: He has some wonderful stuff to look at and I think you'll enjoy poking around his site.


  1. Thanks for that link! He's amazing....

  2. I love the coloring in this painting. It is truly an eye catcher.

  3. Cool painting!!

    Thanks for coming by my blog & commenting!

  4. We were married in Coral Gables. A little trivia for you.

  5. Too bad he's become so pricey but lucky you that you have some already!

    Thanks for pointing me to this post!