Sunday, March 29, 2009

Check out my new toy!!

Okay, a little background here. I never had a laptop until last year when I inherited Tom's old laptop that is probably a good 7-8 years old. Basically it's obsolete. But we got wireless in our old house and I needed to have something to work on. Tom got a new Mac so I got the old Dell. Now it's usable for what I did. Just surf the net, visit forums and enter giveaways etc. Once in a while I might play a game but mainly it's just used for the internets.

The problem with the laptop is that's it's old. It keeps telling me I need to download upgrades but I never did because there was no point in it. It beeps at me for no apparent reason. I had to delete most of the programs to get more memory. The touch pad no longer works. It's been dropped a few times. It's cracked and demented. The power cord broke so I had to order a new one in summer and then that one broke and I had to get yet another one. I can't open sites with lots of graphics or it takes forever to load a page. I can't open too many windows or it freezes. I have to reboot the computer at least 4-5 times a day because it just crashes and closes my windows. I have to use Tom's computer to load any photos from the camera and then load them onto the blog because this poor baby can't handle it.

Now I have to say that I am thankful I had this baby because it gives me the freedom to use the computer elsewhere in the house. It's a workhorse. But right now I am unemployed because we moved to this little town where there is obviously no need for fundraisers. So I have been online a lot lately. And I even started this blog and I guess Tom was tired of hearing me swear at this poor thing. I think my potty mouth finally got to him.

So the other day Fed Ex shows up with a Dell box and I am wondering what it is. I really am thinking could it finally mean that I actually won a big sweepstakes. As I told you before, I love entering sweepstakes and giveaways but never had won anything really big. So I take the box and look and it has Tom's name on it. We had talked about getting me a new computer but it was just talk. So I immediately email Tom at work and say: A box showed up. It was then he confirmed to me that it was a wireless printer and he also confirmed to me he had gotten me a new laptop.

I love Tom, he's the best. I was so excited! Well a few days later my new baby arrived. It is fantastic. I had to set it up and transfer all my important data from the old laptop. I finally started using it yesterday. It's great! I can open those pesky graphic loaded sites. I can open multiple windows. It never crashed once and it works smoothly. It's so nice to have a computer that actually works. YAY! A few weeks ago, I was fortunate it enough to win a Viveanne Tam HP wireless mouse from a great site called Vivir Latino. I totally lucked out while on Twitter where I saw a tweet by this site who I just started following because I am a Latina. It said be one of the first three and I was. Now I never tried a wireless mouse and now I am thinking how the hell did I survive without one for this long. Holy cow, wireless rocks! And Tom was thoughtful enough to get me a red laptop to match my pretty mouse.

I am loading a picture of the new laptop and my new mouse (because it's so petty) on MY OWN laptop! I have to thank Tom (although he doesn't read my blog) for being so generous and nice and knowing that I love my blog and now I can work on it in style. I also signed up for a blog makeover and I am excited. It's going to take a few months to have a new look but I can't wait. I just noticed the other day I hit 50 posts and missed it. So I will celebrate at 100!


  1. that is ONE sexy laptop! i love the bright color! aww yaay for tom - what a SWEET surprise! enjoy it :D

  2. How fun! New reader here glad I stopped by!

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  4. SUper cool little toy there sugar!

  5. How Awesome! You are so lucky....I want one!!!!!!!! :>)

    Come on over to Craftola and check out the contest and give away I'm doing for the month of April....maybe you'll be a winner there, too.... :>)

  6. OH WOW! How awesome is taht! yea hubby!! :)

  7. Fun new laptop... it's hot!!!!!! You'll look great working on your blog... and can't wait to see the new style!!