Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day! And Memories of Ireland. . .

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I wanted to wish every one a Happy St. Patty's Day. Now I am not Irish but Tom is half Irish so, of course, we have to celebrate. I never celebrated it when I was growing up. But we learned about St. Patrick in school. I went to Catholic school when I was little. But it wasn't until I got older that I realized the best part of St. Patty's day was green beer and corned beef. hee

I love all things Irish, especially Colin Farrell. (Luckily, Tom doesn't read my blog.) But Colin isn't the only Irish thing I love. I love Ireland itself. The best trip we ever had was to Ireland.

What a great country. When we planned the trip we decided to rent a little farmhouse by the river Shannon in this tiny town called Scariff. It was quaint to stay the least. The trip didn't start out great because when we arrived at Miami International Airport for our flight to Atlanta to catch another flight to Ireland, someone in the waiting area noticed that the plane was leaking fluid. So it was delayed. We freaked out because we had to catch the connecting flight because we had arranged to meet Tom's brother and mom at the Shannon airport. There was no way to reach them if we missed the flight. So we got stuck there and luckily Tom decided to see what other flights we could catch.

I always remember Tom coming to me and saying "I have good news and bad news." I said give me the good news first and he said "we have a flight." The bad news: it was on Aeroflot, the Russian airlines. Now I have nothing against Russia or Russians but Aeroflot? Damn it freaked me out but we had no other choice. Aeroflot only flew on Wednesday to Shannon and there were no other flights so in actuality we lucked out. So we said yes. We were not sure what to expect from the Russian airline but things got better when they said we were being upgraded to business class.

I tell you that the flight was fabulous. We had great seats with tons of room and TV's and first class service. There were only like 4 other people in business class with us. The down side was that the movie was in Russian. And the flight attendants didn't speak English. So it was tough when we wanted a drink. Tom wanted bourbon and I wanted rum but she looked at us like "I have no clue what you are saying." So finally Tom said "Vodka"? Well her eyes lit up and she came back with a tray of 10 types of vodkas. We got steak and salmon and tons of other food. Some was good, some was interesting. But we had an uneventful flight and arrived in Ireland in one piece and on time. We met the family and drove off to Scariff. The weirdo part was driving on the wrong side of the road. Scary stuff. Luckily, I wasn't driving.

The town we stayed at was so tiny that our directions to meet the owner were to meet him at the stone church a few miles from the town. Luckily, we found him and he took us to the house.It was a darling stone farmhouse in the hills. His mom had baked us Irish soda bread and left us tea. She was a sweet old lady who would leave us treats in the house. We would come back from a daytrip and there was a new treat in the kitchen. The house was small and cute and just perfect. The first day we drove to the Burrens and then the Cliffs of Mohr. OMG spectacular! The Cliffs are beautiful and just amazing. I got freaked out though because people would go sit on the edge of the cliff. And even as I am writing this I am remembering watching people doing that and I feel dizzy. It's one of those places that you have a spiritual experience. I am not religious but that's when you realize the universe is an incredible place. The rest of the time we were there we visited little towns, ate great good, and just had a wonderful time.

One funny story is we went driving around and saw sheep and we took tons of pictures. We got back to the house and the owner was there and we told him we had seen sheep and he looked at us like: WTF? He wasn't impressed. Now we have 5,000 pictures of sheep. I hadn't realized that sheep were filthy creatures since I had only seen white, clean sheep on TV. The ones we saw were not very cute. Oh well.

Our town was tiny but I swear it had like 15 pubs on the main street. I wanted to cook one night so we went into the butcher and I asked for a whole chicken and he said Monday. This meant the chicken didn't come in until Monday. We went back and it had just been killed. It was the best damn chicken I had ever cooked. The food in Ireland rocked. I loved the lamb and I don't eat lamb. I loved Shepard's pie and I always remember going into a restaurant and ordering steak and it came with potatoes and then another side of potatoes. Luckily I love stinking potatoes!! We had fresh jam and found a place where they made fresh cheese. It was green and reminded me of Costa Rica in a way. I learned how to drink my tea with milk there and every so often I crave that.

After a week we drive into Dublin and really loved it there too. We took a tour of the city, went to the University and did the pub crawl. The pub crawl was fun. The people were fantastic. We shopped and ate and it was so great. I absolutely loved it and would go back in a New York second.

So today I celebrate St. Patrick's day with corned beef but no cabbage. And potatoes. Dinner should be really tasty. Tom and I will eat and probably talk about our trip to Ireland. And hope one day we go back to that wonderful place. Oh I hopefully Tom will remember the Guiness.

Erin Go Bragh!
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  1. what a great post! i love the part about the russian plane!!!! i felt like i was there with you on your trip to ireland... happy st patricks to you!!! and slainte, as they say where my father's family comes from ;).

  2. that sounds like an amazing trip! Especially the potatos with a side of potatos, cus potatos are my favorite! besides cheese! mmmm!

    funny what you like on vacation liek the sheep were something to you, and to them they were every day things. I like to take pictures of the amish people hanging laundry out. And, its just laundry.....?

  3. I loved the potatoes as well. I mean I ate potatoes every day while I was there.

    And if anyone wants sheep pictures let me know. hee hee I have tons. :)

  4. i loved this post. i loved hearing about your flight, the ability to transcend the abyss between languages, hearing about the owner's mom who would leave such baked goods. awwwww!

    i hope that you visit one day. and i'd like to see a photo of not-clean sheep. i hadn't realized it until you mentioned it, but you're right in that the only sheep i've seen are white, fluffy and usually in a commercial. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing this. It is also how I feel about Scotland. Most beautiful place we ever went.