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Monday, March 2, 2009

Is it Spring yet?

Man it's like 20 degrees this morning. Now it's beautiful and sunny and the air is crisp and I love this weather in November but it's March.

I am not much of a gardener but this year I want to plant some veggies and herbs for the summer. I especially love homegrown tomatoes. But I am clueless and Tom is so busy that he might not be able to help this year. SO I am left to my own devices on the garden. Of course that will mean more random willy-nillyness on my part. I know I will just go out to the garden and willy nilly till a plot of land. I will willy nilly toss some seeds in to the ground and see what happens. Tom on the other hand would plot it all out and research it and have a plan. I have no plan. I never do.

You know I never ever read instructions. I just put stuff together by instinct. It always seems to work out. Yesterday, I made bread and I know that when you bake you HAVE to follow instructions but I willy nilly added 2 tbsp or butter instead of one but it worked out. I figured a little extra butter wouldn't hurt and it didn't.

Anyway, it's March and it's freezing but at least it's sunny. I do miss Florida on these cold winter mornings. But I was never able to wear my flannel jammie pants and Happy Bunny slippers in Florida.


  1. I too am dying to plant. This will be the first year I "own" my own place...and can do whatever I want to the landscaping. However my husband has no desire to "plant" anything...on my own as well. I'm hoping since I live in the burbs and have limited yard space to do raised beds for my garden. I hope it warms up for ya soon so you can get those tomatoes growing. -heat the fry daddy up!

  2. i'm more creative when i cook.. i throw a dash or whatever in there, a sprinkle of what i can find, a cup of whatever i feel like.. and it all turns out okay!

    it's scarier for me to do it when i'm baking.. i'm always afraid that it won't turn out well :)

  3. Freezin blizzard up north here love your cute house!

  4. it snowed. I think we had our worst blizzards the past two years in march.

    here's what im tired of hearing. March comes in like a lion.


    i looooove gardening. I dont grow useful things though, just plants. well, chives are useful. and hard to kill.