Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Random Willy-Nillyness (RWN) and Pie

You know I realized that I should never find pie crusts and frozen fruit in my freezer or I will try to cook it up into a pie. I can't help myself. I open the freezer to get some steaks and there it was. Peeking out from under the Popsicle box. It taunted me so I had to reach for it. It was the pie crust. I look at it and wonder what can I do with this. So I starting digging around the freezer and lo and behold I found fruit. Okay, it was mango chunks but I figured what the heck I can make a mango pie.

So into the oven goes the pie crust and into a pan goes the mango. Since they were frozen I decided to add a little liquid and found some sherry. So I dumped it in there. I decided that I would cook the mango and then reduce it so there wasn't so much liquid. I tasted it and had to add some sugar because the mango wasn't all that sweet. Again, the random wily-nillyness of cooking that I practice. I thought about adding more sherry but I didn't. I thought about it awhile and figured it needed some vanilla. Well, last week I got some real vanilla beans courtesy of Marx Foods.

I am not sure if other bloggers heard but I got an email from Marx Foods where they were offering free samples spices to bloggers. Well I was all over that like white on rice because one I love spices and two the were FREE! Hello! I got to choose the spices and I got some different stuff than usual. Annatto seed, cardamon, nutmeg, vanilla, 2 types of peppercorns and allspice. So I have yet to use any of these except the peppercorns. I took them and put those directly into my peppermill. I am not sure what else to do with the other ones. I think I am taking the annatto seeds and making and oil. Annatto is achiote in Spanish. And in Costa Rica they used achiote to color the rice and give it an extra added flavor. I actually have achiote at the house because that's one of the things I bring over from Costa Rica besides coffee beans and Salsa Lizano. So because the Marx Foods box was on the counter I remembered and pulled out the spices and then I had my brainstorm. I decided that I could use the vanilla, nutmeg and a dash of allspice and see what happens. Well, I took the bean and cut it in half and scraped out some seeds and tossed them into the post. A dash of allspice went in and then I grated a pinch of nutmeg into the mango mixture and voila! I am such a genius. The spices added the much needed flavor. Thanks to Marx Foods for the freebies!

So the pie crust was done and I took the mixture and dumped it into the crust and then I found some Pillsbury pie crust that I had in the frig and topped it all off. I pinched the sides and baked it. Here is a picture of my masterpiece.
Okay, I am no Julia Child but it's passable. I mean this from someone who never baked a pie until a few months ago and who is crazy enough not to use any sort of recipe. So I had to have a slice and it was actually quite tasty. It was even better when I found some of Tom's vanilla ice cream and made sure I had a dollop of that as well.

So I think I will always try to have pie crusts and frozen fruit in the freezer because it's sort of fun getting the RWN urge to just bake something although I have no idea what I am doing.



  1. what an impromptu, delicious slice of pie!

  2. lol, looks like an awesome pie! And I LOVE mangos! My favorite fruit!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog via the UBP!