Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random thoughts

Yesterday I went to get some gardening supplies so today I took some time to do some research. I had to do research since there is no doubt this adventure into gardening will be more random willy-nillyness on my part. I really am clueless but I will trudge on.

I was remembering our old house in Los Angeles because my dad had a great garden there. The house is now owned by my former brother in law who is still part of the family although he and my sister divorced. And he kept up the garden and that makes my dad happy. But I was remembering how we had two big avocado trees in the front. We had a lemon tree on the side. The backyard had and probably still has other fruit trees. I haven't visited that house for about 6 years. But I know Joji, my former BIL, keeps it up. I remember we had a huge chayote (a sort of squash) bush. My dad also had figs, which I hate! He had veggies and herbs.

I always loved the fact that I could go out and grab lemons and cilantro from the garden. When I was sick my mom would go get fresh mint and herba buena (chamomile) for my tummy. When I had earaches she would go get rosemary an heat it up in some hot oil, wrap it in a cotton ball and stick it in my ear. It worked!

There is nothing better than being able to walk out your door and get your dinner or part of your dinner!


  1. Ahhh that sounds heavenly! One of my dreams is to have a garden! I think I'm the opposite of you- I'm a country girl living in the city! I miss the campo en Puerto Rico/Puerto Rican country. So many memories including being chased by a bull- let me just say I never ran so fast hahahaha

  2. I remember being little and visiting Costa Rica. Our grandparents lived on a coffee plantation and we got chased by chickens and we freaked out because as little LA girls, we knew nothing of chickens!! LOL

  3. I have to agree with you on being able to walk outside and pick your own produce! I'm planning my first Kansas garden this year, and I'm pretty excited about it. Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my contest... I hope to pick a winner tomorrow! Good luck! :)