Friday, March 20, 2009

Random Willy-Nillyness in the Kitchen & Laundry Room

A few days ago, I got inspired and decided to go to Lowes and walk through the gardening section to see what they have. It was fun. I already mentioned I bought seeds etc. I bought some of those little pots where you can start your seeds and other stuff. Well I was going to research and see what I should be doing but, of course, I decided to open all the packages and just do it without reading the instructions. Yes, more random willy-nillyness on my part.

So I opened everything on the kitchen table. Now we don't EVER use our kitchen table because it's actually not a kitchen table but this antique table we bought while antiquing in Ohio. It's nice but we had no place for it and we had no kitchen table so voila! we shoved it in the eat-in kitchen that we never eat in. Frankly, it's just used to hold my fruit bowl and whatever else we dump there. It has some old demented tablecloth because the cats seem to think this is a good place for them to sleep since it's sunny in the afternoon. Good thing we don't eat there. Anyway, I moved the fruit off and like a mad scientist starting watering peat pills and poking at them after they had risen and plumped. It's messy work.

Then I laid out all my seeds on the table and waited for the peat to be ready. In the meantime, I left the kitchen. Then Shawn realized there was something new to demolish and proceeded to knock all the seed packets to the floor. GRRRR kitty! SO I had to physically remove her from the table while she cried to beat Jesus and squirmed out of my hands. I picked everything up and then started to figure out what I wanted to grow.

Now please note that i have NEVER EVER done this before and I probably should have gone on the internets and learned something and maybe I should have read the package instructions but I didn't. I just opened everything grabbed some seeds and shoved them into the peat and now they are in my laundry room on the dryer doing what seeds do. I hope that means they grow but with my black thumb, they might be dead in a day or two.

Tom asked me if I knew what I was doing and I said yeah I read the package. Okay, I read the front of the package when I bought it but then again he never reads my blog so he won't know I stretched the truth just a little. And I figured how could I possibly screw this up? Well I will have to see in a few days to even know if what I did worked but I think they will.

Today I went to Walmart and got more seeds including corn. I am sure I won't be planting corn but when standing in front of a wall of seeds, I get really really ambitious and start thinking I am freaking Laura from Little House on the Prairie. So I greedily snatched up seeds willy nilly while some man in overalls questioned my choices and gave me suggestions. I wanted to run screaming from the seed wall because I have no idea what he was talking about. But I smiled and smiled and said ah ha a few times and then slowly rolled my cart away while he kept talking. I am not sure how long it took him to notice I was at the pharmacy before he stopped talking. Oy!

So today I will spend more time in the kitchen poking and prodding peat and once again just being random about the whole thing. And maybe I will research planting but I figured that until something comes up from the mysterious balls of peat, why waste my time when I can be doing something else. I always figure as long a they have dirt, water and sun the little seeds will want to grow and get planted so I can scarf them down in a few months.


  1. i hope your poking and prodding will be the key to beautiful crops!

  2. We just did the same thing, and we are not really sure what we are doing yet either! We "planted" our seeds about 2 weeks ago. Most of them have started sprouting, but it did take about 1 week before we saw anything. One of the blogs I read posted a good tutorial on this last week (after we had already planted our seeds of course). Here's the link if you are interested:

    Good luck!

  3. Thanks Pearl!

    And A.D. thanks for the link. I need to really the help!

  4. hehhehe this is me! when sewing! hacking randomly into material without a proper plan or a pattern ;)

    Thanks for entering my giveaway the other day ... sorry you didn't win.. I finally have a chance to pop into everyone's cool blogs! plus I am following you on my reader!

  5. I tried some of those seeds last year. I failed. Miserably.

    My mother, however, bought seedlings (I think?) for her tomato plants and she had a gross ton of the best tomatoes in the world.

    I HATE tomatoes from the grocery store, which taste like they are mostly plastic, with a tiny bit of tomato flavor.

    Good luck!

  6. I love living in the country. I don't have a green thumb.