Monday, March 23, 2009

Shave and a Haircut. . . Two bits

Well today (Monday-although this will be posted on Tuesday) I went to get a haircut. OMG the last haircut I had was over a year ago in Santa Fe. And my hair is ridiculously long. I never got to the hairdresser before we moved here to NC and then once I got here, it was hard to find a hairdresser here. But I was at the credit union one day and I liked the teller's hair and she told me of a salon in town. That was months ago. I am a huge procrastinator. I should have gone last year but didn't. And finally i just couldn't stand my hair any longer and made the appointment.

Now if you look at the pictures from Birmingham you will see I had long hair. It was down to my boobs and trust me that's long because those puppies aren't that high anymore, if you know what I mean. And the problem with my hair is that when it gets too long it hangs on my hair like a bad toupee on William Shatner. But I like long hair but as I get older the worse it looks on me. So I bit the bullet and decided to go try someone new.

Well I get into the salon and my hairdresser isn't there yet. I look around and the place is passable. There are quite a few people so I figure they must do good work. That or there is no one else in town to go to. My hairdresser finally gets there and then we go and sit down and she asks what I want. Well I say I want it to my shoulders and I point to my shoulder, not above the shoulder, slightly below. I ask for layers and then that's it. The she takes me to go wash my hair. Okay, there is NOTHING better than having someone wash your hair. It is one of my favorite things in the world. It takes me back to my days when I was small and my mom would wash or hair and rub our heads. I loved that. So I am lulled into complacency and we start the cut. I have to take off my glasses but I am as blind as a bat in a hailstorm without them. So by the time I squint enough to see myself in the mirror, I realize that she has lopped off more than I wanted. Yikers. It was above the shoulder. But I didn't freak out because one thing I learned in life is that the hair grows back. I just let it go because it's too late to do a thing.

In the meantime, I learn that the hairdresser next to our station is pregnant and the whole town knows it. I didn't know it. But apparently everyone else did. The other hairdresser had a fight with her husband last night. Her client was telling us that someone she works with is cheating on her hubby. My hairdresser just broke up with her boyfriend because his ex called him and she freaked out and they fought. And some annoying man who is there to get his brows waxed is flirting with another hairdresser by telling her she looks like Kate Beckinsale. It was better than daytime TV. Who needs Days of Our Life when you are at the local salon?

So the haircut is finally done and she does what I hate hairdressers do, style it. She made it straight and waved it. Sure it looks good when they do this but I can never recreate it. She is finally done so I reach for my glasses and take a deep breath. I look and it actually looks good. I look again and realize that she gave me a Rachel. Now there is no freaking way I will ever look as good as Jennifer Aniston but this is the haircut I got without even asking for it. It's the same shape and length. It's shorter than I wanted but I actually like it. It looks good. And it's not really that short. Now I have had short hair in my life and hated it. I remember when I was little and me and my sister were at Thrifty Drug Store getting ice cream and some ignoramus told my sister "your brother is really cute." WTH? Well I freaked out and screamed I am not a boy and ran crying out of the store. I think that moment shaped my hair future forever. Although another time my mom took me to get may hair cut in Costa Rica and they cut all my hair off. It was shorter than this picture. I cried for days. I never ever wanted short hair again. But I don't like my hair long anymore either. And I really and liking this cut. Now if only I could look more like Jen. I'd even take looking half as good as she does. LOL The best part about the haircut is that it cost $25. The last time I paid $25 for a haircut was probably in the 80's.

Tom came home and really liked it as well. I was surprised because he likes my hair long. But I do look cute. hee But the bad thing is that I noticed a few gray hairs in the front. So now I have to fight my urge to go color my hair willy-nilly. I vowed never to color my hair again after almost going blonde in the 80's. But I did have highlights in a year ago and they looked good but I am not sure I want to get crazy again and have to color and recolor my hair. So maybe I will suck it up and keep the grey. Random willy-nillyness with hair can be a disaster!


  1. oh Carolyn, doll - I think you may pull off that Rachel cut JUST AS WELL as Rachel! I do wish you'd post a photo of your new haircut :)

    Wooo how much did tom like it? ;)

    i'm so glad you're happy with your new haircut! listening to gossip from hairstylists and then getting a new va-va-va-voom cut is always soooo fun!

    and i love it when they wash hair, too; there's something about that that always lulls me to relax!

  2. I had to laugh at this post! Been there! :D When we moved here, I had 2 bad haircuts and a bad color before I found a hair dresser I liked. Only thing is, it took me 1-1/2 years and we only have a little over a year left before we will move again. Ugh! Then back through the same process again! Blech!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!