Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Spot of Tea and more memories

My post about my trip to Ireland got me in the mood for tea with milk. So the yesterday I got myself some Earl Grey and went to town. Oh it was yummy with a little milk. I also had some ginger cookies. I grabbed the tea and cookies and enjoyed them in solitude since Tom was at work.

You know I love afternoon tea and one of my dreams would be to actually own a little tea house where people could come and have some tea and goodies and just have a little time to be totally civil. I would make scones and serve them with cream. And there is nothing better than little bitty sandwiches with their crusts cut off. I have no idea where this love of afternoon tea came from. I think I have just romantizied it from the endless movies I have seen. But I love it.

When I lived in Santa Fe there was a hotel, the St Francis Hotel, that had afternoon tea. The first time I found about it was from my co-worker Brian who told me he had his work review there with our boss. I had to go check it out myself. So the next time I had a review, I asked my boss, Colleen, if we could go there. Okay afternoon tea in Santa Fe,you ask. Yeah, it's not London but it worked. They had some tables in the lobby and basically you came at 3pm and got tea. It was cool. They had a little menu where you could either get savory snacks or sweet snacks. They had several types of tea you could choose from as well. I stuck with what I know and that's Earl Grey. I also choose the savory menu because although I have a huge sweet tooth, I have this weird obsession with small little sandwiches. They served the loose tea in a little thing you put over the top of the teacup and then you pour the water over it. I, being totally uncivilized, dropped my thingy into the cup and got leaves all over. The waiter looked at me like I was some uncouth brute. But I recovered. We got mini sandwiches of cucumber and cream cheese, cream cheese and salmon and chicken salad. Now neither Colleen not I ate the salmon because we don't eat fish. Now I eat shellfish and I will eat tuna in a can but not other fish. Yes, I know that's weird but oh well. We sat in that lobby and I got a kick ass review and basically had a nice afternoon. I miss Colleen.

I liked it so much I talked my friends Kathryn and Suzanne, who I also worked with, to come with me again. This time I didn't do anything that would embarras myself and the waiter didn't give me the hairy eyeball. We ordered the sweet and savory menus and extras because we are all piggy girls. We ended up taking almost 2 hours for "lunch." It was wonderful. Like I said there is something so decadent in sitting around in the afternoon having tea and goodies especially when you have good company like Kathy and SusieQ.

And it doesn't have to be tea. When I go to Costa Rica, I love going to the Hotel Costa Rica in downtown San Jose and sit on their patio and have a little cafe con leche (coffee & milk) with some sweet empanadas. You can sit there and people watch and it's fascinating because you see tourists from all over the world and locals as well. Sometimes there is a marimba band playing. Sometimes people come by and try to sell you stuff. It's especially nice when it's raining and you can just sit there and hear the rain falling. Me and my sister used to do this all the time. When I go with Tom he is not a huge fan of it but I roped him in once or twice.

But I miss the St. Francis Hotel and tea time. I think I went another time and it was just me and Kathryn. I miss Kathryn because she ended up becoming like the little sister I didn't have. She was my coffee, tea and snack buddy. We would roam the streets of downtown Santa Fe in search of goodies. We would go to Starbucks and sometimes we would go get chocolate. We would go to the 5 & Dime and get popcorn. During summer we would go get Gelato at ECCO. One of the best things I loved was a cheese stick from the French Bakery Shop in downtown Santa Fe. OMG, my other friend Kirsten and I went bats**t over these. She was actually evil and sent me this picture of one she was enjoying a few months ago. YUMMO! Even though she taunts me with pictures of cheesesticks, I miss her too.

Well after writing about all this now I want tea again. Tom is at work again. My chores are done. Dinner is in the oven so I am going to take a little break and have a cup of tea and just relax.


  1. oh you are SO adorable. i would LOVE to go to a teahouse, too, and if you ever open one up, you bet i'll be flying in from wherever and visiting your teahouse. often. :)

  2. That seals it, I'm going to make L take me to the tea room for lunch tomorrow!

  3. there is a place around my parts where you can go for tea, and you pick out fancy hats to wear while you "tea" with your friends. I've only gone once but it was a lot of fun, it was decorated really fancy and you had the real china cups.

  4. Oh, Tea... I am tea addicted. I love it with milk and do it this way: get black tea, like english breakfast and have it with half and half...Yummy. friends think i am weird..tea with milk...It is nice to meet a tea-mate!