Monday, April 20, 2009

"Darling I Love You but Give Me Park Avenue"

My dream of having a veggie garden is coming to fruition. On Saturday, Tom borrowed a tiller from our friend Luther. Luther works with Tom and he and his wife Glenda helped us get settled last year when we moved here to Sylva. We stayed at Glenda's dad house while looking for a house. And they have been nothing but helpful. So Luther was kind enough to loan Tom the tiller. Luther has all kinds of tools and equipment. He even has a replica Civil War cannon. Yes, I said a cannon. And the cannon works. He actually shoots it off during the Civil War reenactments they do around the area. I got to see the cannon and it's pretty cool.

But I digress, as usual. Tom finally had some weekend time off and he decided to till out the lawn so we can have a garden. So he mapped out the area and grabbed the tiller and started chopping away. Now he thought he was going to do all the work himself but I decided since I really really want a garden I should help out and went out and volunteered. Of course, Tom almost passed out that I would even be outside in the sun.

I have to tell you. Thank god we had that tiller. I didn't realize how much work it would be. I found out that after Tom tilled the plot, that we had to go back and rake away the loose grass pieces and rocks and whatever else was there. Now I have a lot of readers who don't know me from Adam. But I learned that a lot of the lurkers are actually friends of mine who have known me for eons. So these are the people who will read this and say: WTH? Carolyn is actually in the garden doing manual labor. Bless her heart, she has gone insane.
I will be honest here. I am lazy. I hate doing any work that requires me to get dirty or be outdoors. I am a princess when it comes to those things. So it was a damn miracle that I even was out there at all. But I did it. Of course, I had the wrong shoes. Of course, I had on the wrong clothes and, of course, I almost passed out after being in the heat for a while. I even had to put on a baseball cap. I HATE wearing hats. But I went out there and raked and bent down and picked up grass pieces full of beetles and ants and spiders.

At some point I turned to Tom and said I bet he never thought he would see me out here doing this. He agreed. Then somehow we came to the conclusion that this reminded us of the TV show Green Acres. We are the city folks in the country trying to make a go at it. Yeah, I know we aren't on a farm but this will probably be the biggest garden we ever have. But I, like Lisa (Eva Gabor's character), would rather be in a Park Avenue penthouse than tilling the earth but that ain't happening anytime soon. That was a good show. If you haven't seen it you can always pick it up on DVD. It was cheesy but funny and cute. And who didn't love Arnold the Pig? He was the best actor on the show.

Anyhow, we worked for a few hours and still aren't even close to finishing. We (okay Tom) has to till in some fertilizer and stuff into the plot before we can start planting. This week I have to go back out and rake again to make sure we got all the grass out. I have to make rows and Tom has mapped out where the seedlings will go. I am now committed to that little plot of land outside. I am hoping that a few months from now it will yield a substantial amount of veggies to feed us throughout the summer.

There is something very gratifying about eating food you actually grow with your own hands. Plus, nothing beats fresh veggies especially tomatoes. Since I really have no clue as to what I am doing, I am hoping that it all works out. I figure I can't kill everything so there will be some plants that will yield at least enough veggies for a salad or two.

Here are some pictures of our adventures at Green Acres NC. There are before and after pictures of the yard. Some pictures of Tom with the big giant tiller and one of me actually working. I had to prove it to the people who know me well that I am not making all this up.


  1. that is ONE HUGE GARDEN! i can't wait to see the photos of planted vegetables and then to see the garden again when the vegetables are at their best!

  2. WOW... thats not a little patch, is it??

  3. Geez, I'm surprised. I knew you were going to grow us some maters, but you really have dug up a bunch of dirt, woman!

    When you are out there sweating your dirty butt off remember all the days you had to trudge around in the snow. It wont make you feel better, but you can be mad at Mother Nature for two reasons at a time.

    Plus? I sing that song to Luis all the time.

  4. yes that is a LOT of work! We had one growing up, and we always told my Mom thats why they had us, free labor. Weeding, planting. Ugh! But there is nothing like it! I still remember how delicious my grandpaps fresh cream peas and potatos were. mmmmm!!!!!

  5. Girl you are living the life I want LOL I would love to have a garden! Don't have a green thumb, would probably die of hunger if I had to live off of it but who cares, I'll lose weight and live out my dream hahaha

  6. Oh, MY, I am so jealous!!! Have you read Barbara kingsolver's book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle? See her website... it is so amazing. I love that book and it made me want to do what you are doing, and right now all I can do is container gardening... have fun!