Monday, April 13, 2009

Guilty Pleasures (and a surprise giveaway)

On Sunday, I had to drive down to Asheville to pick up Tom from the airport. Luckily, I had his car because I hate driving my mini car on long drives. Well before I started the long trip I was digging through his CD's trying to decide what CD to pop in. As usual, I was going to pop in Scarlet's Walk by Tori Amos because I am a Tori fiend and could listen to her 24/7 if left to my own devices. But when I opened the jewel case that was supposed to be holding Tori, there it was. One of my guilty pleasures: Rick Springfield's Greatest Hits.

Yeah, there I said it. I like Rick Springfield. Sue me. I have liked him since he was on General Hospital and then some. I had all his albums and have seen him in concert a few times. And guess what? If he were to come play up here at the Harrah's casino in Cherokee, I would so be there with bells on! Yeah, I would pay the $15 bucks to see him even though he's like 60 now. What can I say?

So I popped that baby into the player and rocked out all the way to the airport. There is nothing like Rick to get you into a good mood. Of course, Tom doesn't like it so when he got into the car, I switched out the CD to Tori Amos.

So all this got me thinking about those TV shows, movies, food, music that we listen to in secret, in private because we might not want to let others know our little guilty pleasures. So I decided to share 5 of my guilty pleasures with you. And if you share your guilty pleasures with me, I will send you a Starbucks card. Make them good, impress me with your secret! I will look at any entries at the end of the week and pick a winner. Most likely I will to make it fair!

Carolyn's Guilty Pleasures

1) Rick Springfield's Greatest Hits - Love it! Jessie's Girl, I've Done Everything for You, Love Somebody, Living in Oz, Bop till you Drop, need I say more? I can't get enough.

2) 7th Heaven - the continuing adventures of the Camden family. I got into this since I am not working and they run it on the Hallmark Channel. I never watched it before but now I am hooked. Ruthie, Simon, Matt, Mary and Lucy, who could ask for anything more?

3) Tabloids - National Enquirer, the Star, Us magazine. I love reading all the nonsense about the rich and famous. I want to see what they wear, who they date and who's in rehab.

4) French's Yellow Mustard - Sometimes I just eat it on bread, sometimes I eat a teaspoon full.

5) Tearjerkers - Give me Steel Magnolias, Terms of Endearment, The Color Purple, The Green Mile etc. I love them and if they are on TV, I will watch them. If Tom is watching with me, I tear up. If he is not watching with me, I will sob!


  1. I'll tell you Carolyn, but you must promise not to tell anyone else. If other people find out I might as well post them on MY blog. Five of my guilty pleasures:

    1. Mints from Abuelos. My husband bought me a giant box for like $48.
    2. Gilmore Girls. I have the first few seasons and will eventually have them all.
    3. Johnny Cash & Leonard Cohen. But come to think of it, I don't feel the least bit guilty. Well, a little. My serious musical guilty pleasure is Homer & Jethro. Especially their "The Worst of Homer & Jethro" album.
    4.Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Whether it is English toffee, Reesee's cups, $100,000 bars, Twix, Godiva, or cake balls. I'm always eating chocolate.
    5. Lullabies. I sing lots of lullabies. To my puppy. Who is nearly two years old, but he's little so I will probably call him a puppy forever. Also? sleeping on the same pillow as said puppy, getting hugs around the neck from him, and cuddling him like a tiny baby.

    p.s. I think your spoon full of mustard is pretty gross. No way could I do that. But my kids used to make mustard sandwiches.

  2. My secret...Okay...I loved the "Monkees"...I started a "fan" club back when I was 9 in my small town of 1500. I have every album they made together (vinyl 33's). I watched their show, I watched Davey on the Brady Bunch, I've watched their Biography on the BioChannel...YIKES, my secret is out! LOL PS, I always liked Rick Springfield, too..... He's cute...I don't care if he might be 60! Cute is cute at any age! :>)

  3. ha carolyn! you're so cute!
    i wanted to let you know that i received a very sweet package on saturday... from you! thank you thank you :)

  4. Tammi - I knew you would have guilty pleasures!!

    Pearl, I'm glad you liked the package.

    Craftola, OMG I love the Monkees too. I guess they can go on my list. I used to be in love with Davey Jones. Of course, I was like 5 or 6 but I wanted to marry him. :)

  5. My Guilty Pleasures:

    1. Cinammon Dolce Latte from Starbucks

    2. A nap at 11:00 AM

    3. Playing on the computer all afternoon

    4. I make a Red Velvet Cake, eat a lot of it, say it's "for the kids"

    5. Project Runway

  6. 1) Reality Tv shows. I watch too many to list. A few are Toddlers and Tiaras, Wife Swap, Nanny 911, Judy Judy and Speeders.
    2)Popcorn coated in vanilla or white chocolate candy coating.
    3) 80's music. Old Madonna, Michael Jackson, Journey, and especially Van Halen are what gets my heart pumping faster :)
    4) Romance novels. The Raunchier the better.
    5)Diet Sodas. I know they aren't good for me but I can't help myself.

  7. Guilty pleasures are:

    1. Kenny Chesney - love, love, love him
    2. Dark chocolate cake with chocolate frosting mmmm
    3. Celebrity mags like Us and People
    4. Cruises once or twice a year
    5. floating in my pool with no one around

  8. Oh honey, I know from loving Rick Springfield. I've also seen him in concert several times, first time when I was 15. He only gets better.

    Have you ever heard him sing a cover of the Beatles' song "Cry"? It's exquisite.

  9. 1. long naps
    2. any and all junk food
    3. South Park
    4. watching Law and Order re-runs
    all day
    5. long hot showers


  10. Ha, I got hooked on 7th Heaven too! It's funny I actually started caring about the Camden family as if they were neighbors or something.

    My guilty pleasures:
    1. 90210- it makes me nostalgic and looking at the 90s clothes makes me wonder what we were all thinking. Also has hooked me on the new 90210 even though it's not the same.

    2. Elton John- Give me some Yellow Brick Road, Can you Feel the Love Tonight, Daniel, etc. and I'm a happy person.

    3. Diet sodas- I just can't give them up.

    4. Lip gloss- Maybe I should progress to lipstick but I'm addicted to lipgloss. Any of them. My sister found me Dr Pepper like we had as little girls for my birthday and I screamed so loudly I'm sure the whole block heard.


  11. 1. I love to take my dog to Petco and any pet event. Last week we went to all the dog Easter Egg hunts.
    2 I like all the old hair bands from the 80's. Give me Twisted Sister any day.
    3. I love Snyders of Hanover Hard Pretzels and I can eat the whole box in one sitting.
    4. Sappy Christmas movies. I will watch them over and over again, this also includes all the christmas cartoons too.
    5. Scooby do. I still get a kick out of him.

  12. I eat mustard too! I knew it was totally normal!!!

    I watch dvds of lost constantly. I am always watching them when my manfriend comes over so he will get into it and start watching it each week.

  13. American Idol
    Entering ├žontests

  14. 1) I love those junky coconut marshmallo chocolate cupcakes that are dyed for the the different holidays;

    2) I love Rick Springfield too -- especially Working Class Dog and Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet Albums

    3) I love Elvis movies

    4) Tabloids call my name too and

    5) Ann Rule true crime books are the best.

  15. I am loving this! Hmmmm Ok my five guilty pleasures in no particular order are
    1. Bed Of Roses: Soundtrack From The Motion Picture - Can't remember the name of my fave but I love the song about chocolate! which brings me to #2
    2. I love chocolate! My sons hide their chocolate when they get goody bags. I've actually wrestled it out of their hands but shhhhhh LOL
    3. I love watching Little House on the Prairie! I have their collection on DVD and watch it every so often
    4. I love the water, it relaxes me but only if no one is there so I will go before my boys wake up, grab a cup of coffee at the bodega and sit by the Westside HWY to enjoy a moment of solitude in my overly congested city then run back home before they wake up and discover I didn't take them hehe
    5. I love cleaning but again when no one is awake! It drives me CRAZY when I am cleaning and everyone is just sitting there so I do it when they sleep, either very early or very late. Its my moment ... wow doesn't seem to take much to make me happy huh? LOL

    Thanks for this moment!

  16. Thank you for a great giveaway! I would love to win. Thank you!
    1. salt and vinegar chips..ohh soo good. I dont buy them often as I would eat only those
    2. vanilla rum in my diet coke at night after the kids go to tasty
    3. cheesy romance novels
    4. watching my children sleep..i could watch them forever it seems
    5. sleeping in my husbands place in bed when he gets up early for work.

  17. My five guilty pleasures:

    1. Playing on until the wee hours of the morning.

    2. Taking a stuffed animal with me when I travel away from home on vacation ( yeah..I am what!)

    3. Having " Land of the Lost" on season pass on my TIVO ( remember the Sleestacks and Will)

    4. Taking off my bra in the car when I am driving home after a long day at work ( through the sleeves..the sleeves)

    5. Rifiling through my daughters Halloween stash for my faves to " check for razor blades".

    This was fun!

    Madamerkf at aol dot com

  18. five guilty pleasures how fun to read everyone's
    1. bagel with lots of cream cheese. 2. Watching several episode of Ncis in one sitting.
    3. Sneaking a little bit of the kids candy.
    4.Hiding a reading a book.
    5. frostys mm

  19. Shit I hope I made it on time. Here are mine_

    1. Nutella- love it, can eat a whole jar of it.
    2. Andy Garcia- he makes my eyebrows sweat
    3. tabloids- I am right there with you on that one
    4. reality tv- the more of a trainwreck it is the better
    5. documentaries

  20. Oh pestkaj a demerit for you for mentioning Andy. I hate Andy Garcia! I have no idea why but he bugs me and this will be the last mention of him here unless it's me saying bad things about him!

  21. Oh gosh, guilty pleasures.

    01. Coca Cola.
    02. Milk Duds.
    03. Judge Judy.
    04. Thrift Stores.
    05. Bubble Baths.


  23. My guilty pleasures would be the following: 1. The Brady Bunch, 2. The movie Sybil, 3. cold Chinese food, 4. the feeling of getting a tattoo and 5. Prince's song horny pony. Thanks for the chance.

    sweetascandy579 at yahoo dot com