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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

I was raised Catholic so I know all about Easter. I am a heathen now so I don't celebrate in the religious sense but I still can't give up the tradition of making a special meal for dinner. So today I will be making a ham, hashbrown casserole and some veggie and have a special Easter dinner.

I used to love Easter as a child. I remember when we were little my mom used to make our clothes and she always made me and my sister, Yvonne, special matching Easter dresses. For the longest time we dressed like twins until one day I think my sister rebelled and it stopped. So every Easter my mom would make us special dresses and we would get hats and boy did we look cute if I do say so myself. We each would also get one of those big grocery store Easter baskets filled with candy and funky treats! I loved those baskets and to this day, I wish that I would wake up and find one on the table just for me. I loved those cheapie toys that came in every basket and there was always a stuffed toy. My favorite candy was always the chocolate bunny. I loved eating it's ears first. There is a distinct pleasure of biting off the ears of a bunny. And then even a bigger pleasure of biting the head in one single chomp.

Anyway, we would get up, eat breakfast, get dressed up and then we would go to Church. Everyone showed up to Church on Easter. I remember that the church was standing room only on those days. And the mass always seemed a little longer than usual. After mass the church would have an egg hunt and that was always fun. I remember that we would sometimes have an Easter party at our house so we would hide eggs and do all those sort of things. We would have a big dinner and in the evening, we would ALWAYS watch The Ten Commandments. To this day I still love that movie. I actually watched it last night because it was on ABC. I adore that movie.

I am not a huge fan of Charleston Heston but he was good in that movie. And the movie itself holds up to this day. There is a bit of overacting in some spots. The effects are a little cheesy. I love when Moses comes down off that mountain with hair looking like he just got out of the hairdresser's chair. He looks fierce. It sucks though that Moses didn't get to see the Promised Land. That's harsh. I have to say that its one of my favorite movies of all time. Its also the very first movie I saw at the drive-in. I remember it was a double feature with another religious type movie but I don't remember which one but when Moses parted the Red Sea I was hooked. For a little kid that was pretty damn impressive. Plus, since we had to read the Bible and study religion, it was kind of cool to see it all played out in a movie. God, I also remember how it cool it was to go to the drive in. I wish there were still drive-ins. I loved being able to go in our jammies and have our pillows and blankies. I loved that we got to have a treat from the concession stand. It's funny how those little things stick with you.

Anyway, I went off topic again. So tonight we will have a great meal and celebrate a day that no longer resonates with me on a religious level but it still brings back some wonderful memories of my childhood and it's a good excuse to pig out on a wonderful ham dinner. (like I need an excuse) Plus, Tom comes home today after being away for a week and that's always a good thing. I also found out he reads my blog now so no more gratuitous pictures of Colin Farrell. Rats!

Happy Easter!


  1. Happy Easter to you too! I know you are a professed heathen. I'm not here to change your mind. Just thought you might find this worth a chuckle, if nothing else. (Easter Sunday strip)

  2. My mother in-law always bit the ears of her childrens chocolate bunny! I love it!!!

  3. I love the chocolate bunny graphic! I saw it on a t-shirt a while ago and I crack up every time I see it! :)

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  4. I knew there was a reason I liked you. ;-) I was raised Catholic too and still celebrate Easter in the heathen, chocolate bunnies, colored eggs, kind of way. This cartoon always makes me laugh. Just like the commercial for the Reese chocolate and peanut butter eggs…