Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

I have been lazy lately. I am still really tired from my bout with heatstroke, that or I am just lazy. But I am up every morning watering the garden. I will take a picture next week because I suspect our little plants were still too small to survive the transplant. The squashes and cukes are looking deadish but the peas, beans and corn are holding their own. Luckily, we also planted a lot of seeds to see what would come up but it won't be until next week that we might see the fruits of our labor. My tomatoes are doing so well!! Even the ones I planted from seed are getting big and strong. I decided to put my herbs in containers for easy access and to ensure they survive. This weekend we went and got some starter herbs.


  1. mmm squash! I wish I would have more time to plant vegetables! I could save a ton of money!!!

    P.s. I got my gift card! woooo hooo! Thank you!! Winning is awesome!

  2. awww carolyn - really hope you feel better, soon.

    your plants are looking great!

  3. Heatstroke? Oh no! I hope you feel better soon.

    The veggies are looking good.

    Happy WW from Sara @ Mostly Wordless Wednesday HQ!

  4. Mmmmm they looks so lovely! Just make sure you rest, drink lots of water and stay hydrated. XOXO Oh I did a Almost Wordless Wednesday cause of you! Thx for getting me into it =) Feel better!

  5. i really want to plant vegetables + fruit this summer, but i have a black thumb so it scares me!