Monday, April 27, 2009

Note to Self and other musings

So my mom and sister left on Saturday. We had a good time. On Thursday we went to downtown Sylva to have lunch. Downtown Sylva is like 4 blocks long and has some shops and stuff. As much as I love it here, I have to say that our downtown is nice but there is really nothing to do there. We had lunch and shopped. We did find a cute store called Life is Good and we got some cute tees.

We also ran into one of the acting teachers who works for Tom. Her class was there doing monologues on the street. My sister and a few other people were fooled but I knew it right away. When you are around the theatre for a while, you can tell. We passed her and then I saw Claire with a bunch of college kids. Claire rocks the house. She is one of my favorite people here in town. She is very down to earth and cool. It says a lot that I like because I am usually very anti-social and don't like people.

After touring scenic downtown Sylva, I drove them to the next town over: Dillsboro. Dillsboro is adorable but small. They have some really cute shops and some cool old hotels. We also stopped by the Riverwood Shops. It'a a collection of little shops. There is a crafts place, a weaver and a few other cute shops. Our friends Karen, Brant and their daughter, Zan, have a pottery shop, Riverwood Pottery, there so I decided to pop in and say hello and show my mom and sister some of their cool stuff. The whole family makes stuff. Zan is a very good friend who I adore because she is like a younger version of me and has that dark sense of humor that I possess. This is one of the pieces she makes. Tom gave me one for my birthday and I adore it. It actually has 3 faces. She also makes the coolest jewelry. Check our their shop.

Then we came back home and relaxed and then went out to dinner when Tom got home. We went to our favorite restaurant: El Pacifico Mexican Restaurant. I like it there and they know us probably because that's the only place in town I can practice my Spanish. Plus, they have good food and I love Mexican food.

The next day we went to Waynesville, which is a town about 25 minutes from where we live. It's really nice there and much bigger than our town and, of course, I forgot to take the camera. DOH! We had lunch and shopped. They have a better downtown there but we didn't buy anything. And then went driving around the area. Right now it's so beautiful because everything is turning green and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. It was warm but not hot and the sun was out. There is a great lake about 20 minutes from our house in Glenville. So we just tooled around and talked. When we all get together we talk a lot. Well they do because I am more of a writer than talker. We came back home and hung out and talked and then went out to dinner again. This time we went to a little restaurant located under a bookstore in town. It's called The Spring Street Cafe. It's very unassuming but they have gourmet food. The chef has to have some formal training because some of the stuff he creates is fabulous! I can't wait until summer because they have the best friend green tomatoes there!! YUMMO

The next they were flying back to Los Angeles, so we drove the Blue Ridge Parkway to Asheville so they could see the mountains. I actually fell asleep in the car because as I said before, I am not a nature girl and figure if you have seen one tree you have seen them all. But when we got to Asheville, we went downtown and gorged ourselves with Japanese food. Mmmmm California rolls and gyoza. My favorites. We took them to the airport said goodbye and then we went to Sam's Club since we were there already. Then we came home and relaxed.

Now for the Note to Self: Okay, if you are an out-of-shape, middle aged woman who hates the sun and rather live in darkness, don't garden in the middle of the day. I did and I got heat stroke yesterday. It wasn't pretty.

So Sunday Tom says we need to put some of the seedlings into the ground. Fine. I said we can't put the tomatoes in because Karen and Brant said not to put the tomatoes in until Mid May. So we decided to put in the green and yellow squash, the cucumbers, the peas, the Bush beans and corn. I am still thinking that it's still to early but I can't stop Tom when he gets something into his head. So after a delicious breakfast of eggs and bacon, we went off to Lowe's to get supplies and then came back to start planting. Well by that time it's noon. So I get my boots and my big hat on and go rake the plot. Then Tom comes to help plant the seedlings. We were out there for a few hours. Once we finished, I felt fine. I took a shower and got on the computer and Tom napped. I started getting a headache but I thought that maybe after we ate I would feel better. We had dinner and then Tom went to work to watch some evaluations or something like that.

I started feeling really UGH around 7pm. I got nauseous and the migraine started. I watched Amazing Race and then had to go to bed and douse myself with rubbing alcohol and fell asleep. I mean, I passed out at 10pm or earlier. It was horrible because I really wanted to throw up but didn't because there is nothing worse, at least for me, than throwing up. This morning I am just wickedly tired but feel so much better. I even went out this morning and water the plot because I was under strict orders to do so.
So I now know better about gardening in full sun. I honestly hate the sun unless I am at a resort by the pool. Maybe I can convince Tom to put a pool in.

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.
1) Tom, Yvonne and mom on our porch - Yes, Tom has jammies on, he doesn't wear plaid pants. I am going to be in trouble for posting that since he now reads the blog.
2) My sister at the river in front of our house
3) Views from the Blue Ridge Parkway - you should see this in Fall - OMG!
4) Tom, Yvonne and Mom on the Blue Ridge Parkway
5) Mom and sis


  1. what a beauuuuutiful family :)

    glad to know you're feeling better! i think the sun might've just gotten to you a little too closely :)

  2. the mountains are beeeeeyoootiful!! Sounds like you had a nice visit!

    I cant handle the heat either. I would rather have snow any day over 90 degrees!