Sunday, May 10, 2009


Just a short post to wish all my mom readers a great Mother's Day. Of course, I believe like Valentine's this is just another day where the corporations can squeeze money out of people and make them spend tons of money celebrating someone who should be celebrated all the time. But that's just me.

The sun is out today but it will be gone by afternoon and we are getting more rain. But we are doing some gardening this morning while we can. Our heirloom tomatoes are finally going in!! We need to get them in before next weekend because we are going on vacation. We are off on vacation to a beautiful resort in . . . Mexico. Yes, Mexico, the epicenter of swine flu. Tom booked before the mania caught hold. So maybe I might be blogging about swine flu in the near future. Ay dios mio!

Everyone enjoy their day. I like to think of this day as a day to celebrate not only my mom, Jeannette, but the other two very influential women in my life: my grandma Gilda and my big sister Yvonne (she will kill me for saying older because she is trying to convince herself I am older - hee). I will think of them today and remember that I am so lucky to have had these 3 women in my life.


  1. oh my gosh - have a great time in Mexico! stay safe and well :)

  2. ohhh mexico will be fabulous! youll be fine in the resort area, they said so on "the Dr.'s" I believe everything I see on tv.