Sunday, May 31, 2009

Productive Weekend

The past few weeks have been great. We went to Mexico and then Tom had this past week off so he was able to do a lot of stuff that I couldn't or wouldn't do around the house. I will do a lot of stuff but I don't do windows. Luckily, Tom does so he did all the windows and mowed the grass and other little things.

I had to weed the garden which was overrun by weeds during the week we were in Mexico. God I hate weeds. But now it's perfect. We also went and bought some new plants because some of our seedlings had died. We got some new mature tomato plants. We got some new herbs to plant in containers. I have already used my fresh cilantro when I made guacamole. And tonight I am making lemon spaghetti with fresh basil!!!

My cucumbers didn't survive so I bought a few more. I also saw some cabbage and thought that might be a good thing to have for the summer.

Our corn is doing really well and our radishes are out of control. I have carrots and onions coming in. I also have like 3 lettuce plants coming up although I planted a lot more. I think I need to go get some big mature lettuce plants and put those into the ground. And I have my first pea pod coming out!!!

I think Tom is actually really surprised that I am taking ownership of my garden. I think he thought I would flake out and he would have to do all the work. He has helped a lot especially with the tilling but I am doing a lot. I am pretty surprised that I like it so much. I cannot wait until I actually see the fruits or vegetables of my labor. It's really cool.

Another little treat we had this weekend was Japanese food. Yesterday we took a long drive out to Asheville and went to our favorite Japanese restaurant there, Wasabi. I had Udon noodle soup, some gyoza and some California rolls. I am a fiend for California Rolls now and I have no idea why. Tom had a selection of sushi like tuna, salmon and eel. UGH! I can eat California Rolls but I still can't stomach raw fish.

So here are a few picture of my garden. I am so excited about it!!!


  1. we have wasabi up here...ive never been though!

    Im so jealous of your garden!! id love to grow my own veggies.

  2. Wow! You've never grown your own veggies before?! Isn't it great? It's actually very satisfying. Enjoy!

  3. Loving the garden!! but I too hate those weeds, ugh!

    Thanks for posting a comment on my blog! ;)