Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Or maybe not. It's been pouring down rain here for about 5 days. It's been really crazy. The other day I awoke to a huge thunderstorm. It wasn't pretty especially since it seemed that lightning almost struck the mini car out in the driveway. I had to shut everything down and hope we wouldn't lose power. I like the rain but it's getting old. Of course, this is funny coming from Elvira who absolutely loves gloomy and dark days and really doesn't like the sun but I really am hoping the sun will out. And no, that's not me having a bad hair, it's Annie from the movie Annie.

Okay, I know we do need the rain. And I am not complaining about the grey days because I do like them. I find them to be so comforting. Grey days say to me that I can stay inside and do whatever I need to do whether it be cleaning or cooking or just surfing the net. I like the gloom. On the other hand, sunny days imply that maybe my lazy ass should be doing something outside. And you know how I feel about doing stuff outside.

The problem is I can't go out and tend the garden and it needs some weeding. The good thing is the rain meant I didn't have to go out and water the garden. But now I am worried those little tiny babies will will drown because it has rained that much. And because there has been no sun, it might not be good for them.

So I am hopeful that the sun might come out today and, if not today, maybe tomorrow. We'll see. In the meantime, I was forced to clean the house so I guess that's a good thing.


  1. how is your garden coming along so far?

  2. From what I could see when I ran out when it hasn't been raining, our cucumber and squash seedlings have died. But we had planted seeds along side them and there are little baby plants coming up. The corn is growing. THe peas and beans are doing well. We planted seeds for carrots, radishes, lettuce, onions etc. and I see signs of life. There are a few little guys coming up but with this rain, I am hoping they aren't getting too much water. My tomatoes are doing really well inside but it's time to get them into the ground and I think if it stops raining this weekend, I will be out doing that. YAY!

  3. watering is a boring chore, at least mother nature is doing it for you.

    we had a lot of rain too and now the sun is out and its beautiful!

  4. Same thing is happening here in Dallas. It's been dreary and yucky for a whole week. Our tree keeps blowing over and I can't go anything out in the yard. Completely stinks!

  5. Well it gave you time to tweet all the mom giveaways which is a good thing! Did you win anything? And I really do need to get to bed soon it 3 am and I get up in 3 hours ughhhh