Thursday, May 28, 2009

We Had A Visitor

Our friend Tim came to visit on Thursday. Tim is an old friend from Florida. Tim works as the Set Designer/Technical Director at the Caldwell Theatre Company in Boca Raton. Tom used to be the General Manager and Lighting Designer there for years and that's how they met.

Tim was in Iowa visiting family and was driving back to Florida and decided to pop in. We are glad he came because he is a good friend and enjoy his company. We didn’t do that much because he was here only for night but Tom took him on a tour of the University and then we went to dinner. We drove him by our favorite potters, Riverwood Pottery, where he met our friends Karen and Zan and bought one of their pots. Then we went to dinner at our favorite Sylva restaurant, yes, the Mexican one, El Pacifico. YUMMO! Then we came back to the house and hung out.

Tim is super cool and the perfect house guest. When we lived in Florida, he always came over for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. One night we had a birthday dinner for him when he turned 50. It was great. I grilled steaks and we had crabs but while having dinner, things went pear shaped.

Here is a lesson everyone should learn. Never ever try to open a crab leg with a very sharp Ginsu knife. We only had two lobster/crab crackers so I decided to use the knife. Tom was outside turning off the grill and me and Tim started eating. Like a dopey girl, I grabbed the knife and shoved it into the crab leg and it cut the shell then proceeded to slice my left index finger. It didn’t hurt at all even though the cut almost went down to the bone. It didn’t even hurt when I calmly got up and went to the kitchen faucet to wash it off. While I was washing it off, Tom came in and looked at it and said we are going to the ER. I was like why? I said get me a bandaid and some rubbing alcohol (my answer to everything) and I am fine. Tom grabbed some paper towels and started wrapping my finger that started bleeding profusely. At that point, I agreed to go to the ER. Luckily for me the hospital was a block away and it was pretty empty. The finger wasn’t really hurting when they pulled off the paper towels and looked at it. It only hurt when the doc took a huge ass needle and injected drugs into it. OMG I almost died. That’s when I started crying. But then in a minute or so no pain. I got about 3 or 4 stitches and was sent on my way. OW.

We had left Tim at the house alone. The poor guy had to eat his birthday dinner by himself while we were at the hospital for almost 2 hours. But when we got home he had picked up the table and washed the dishes. Now that’s a good house guest. But it was a lousy way to spend his birthday all because I was a dopey girl. DUH! As you can tell, I am very accident prone. Tom always tries to keep the knives from me now. But we did get more lobster cracker, just in case.

So remember if you have a birthday party for a friend don't use a knife to cut the crab leg.


  1. awww oh no! i hope your finger is better! and happy bday to tim!

  2. The finger is fine. The accident happened years ago but I still have the scar of that fateful night.

  3. Ouch! I am glad the finger is fine.

    I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. I have a blog award for you @