Monday, May 25, 2009

We're Baaaaaack!!! (part 2)

Isn't this more info than you wanted?

The next day we got up early and ordered room service for breakfast because we wanted to go visit the Tulum Ruins. Room service was wicked slow and we got a late start. Luckily, the ruins were just a few minutes away and they were easy to find. It was a wickedly hot day though.

The ruins were interesting but to get there we had to park and walk a mile or more. (of course, Tom will just say I am whining but it was far) Once we got there, we had to walk more and y'all know how much I LOVE to walk. UGH! I was pooped by the time we reached the entrance. Luckily, I wasn't the only one. We met these two girls who were equally as hot and tired and I could have been their mom so I felt better. We had to walk more to get to the site itself but once we got up to the site, it was fabulous. It's located right next to the beach so the views were great but the heat was unbearable. Even with shorts, sunglasses and my giant old lady hat, I was burning up. So was Tom. We walked around, took pictures and almost died. We took lots of shade and water breaks.

We got some good pictures and it was a nice side trip. It's amazing to think how old these structures are and the history behind them. I am glad we got to see it. Afterwards, we stopped to look at souvenirs and picked up some really cute puppets for our housesitter's kids. I actually wanted to keep them myself but Tom said NO! We also got Melody a ceramic gecko and it was darling. I saw this awesome ceramic skull and had to have it. Isn't it cool? Then I saw this Devil/Demon puppet and HAD to have it as well. I love him! I bargained with the guy and I think I got a good price but I hate haggling and it really didn't matter because I was going to pay any amount to have him in my house. He also has a name, Gilberto. I figured it fits him so I will keep it. Gilberto matches all my other ghoulish stuff. While at the little shop area, I also had a great treat: fresh coconut milk! Yummo. There is nothing like drinking coconut milk from the coconut.

We then went back to the hotel to sit by the pool. Thank goodness because the heat was terrible and I was afraid I would get heat stroke again. Luckily, I didn't but I am pretty sure Tom did because he woke up all clammy and sweaty one day but was fine the next day.

The rest of the week went without incident. Well, one day we were hanging out by the pool relaxing when this family comes over to where we were. Now there were 768787 open beach chairs but they chose 2 right next to us, which made no sense. And we were fine until the kid starts hacking up a lung and that's when we looked at each other grabbed our stuff and hit the road. Hello, swine flu! So we just moseyed along elsewhere. Luckily, we escaped from the infested child.

We also got the opportunity to go to the spa. I got a facial and Tom got a massage. I love freaking facials. There is nothing better. Plus, besides the facial, I got a mini neck massage and she rubbed my head. I love to have my head rubbed! It always reminds me of when I was little and my mom would read to me and rub my head. It really is fabulous.

We really didn't do much else. Tom got to play a lot of beach volleyball, which he loves. I actually read 3 books and tons of magazines. For the most part, we loved our trip and it was nice to have a vacation without family and somewhere where I didn't have to do a thing. We always seem to take vacations where I end up cooking. Now I don't mind but sometimes, it's nice to have someone else clean and cook.
I would totally recommend the Dreams Tulum Resort to anyone. It was well kept and clean and the people were great. Our only thought was that if the place had been filled to capacity, it would have been a totally different experience. I think we lucked out being able to go when this whole flu thing hit and people didn't travel. There were a lot of empty rooms and we shuddered to think how it would have been even if it was half full. So I think overall we really went at a wonderful time.

It was sad to leave but at a certain point, you just want to go home and we were ready on Thursday. Friday we just hung out and packed and enjoyed the sun and pool. The flight back was fine until we reached the Atlanta airport and more RWN ensued. It was horrible. Firstly, we arrived earlier than we should have, which is great but it wasn't because the gate wasn't ready and we had to sit in the plane for about an hour waiting to get off. GRRRR Once we were off, we were sent to Customs which went fine until we got our luggage. We were leaving the terminal and then decide to stop Tom and not me. So he had to go into another room and they went through our luggage. After that we had to get inspected once again. Yes, the whole shoes off thing and through the security line again. WTF! Then they took our luggage from us and threw it on a conveyor belt and we had to get on the shuttle and go down to baggage claim. By this time it was almost an hour and half of this crap. So we get to the baggage claim and had to wait some more for the luggage. Finally we got it and had to get a shuttle to the hotel we had stayed at to pick up our car. Luckily, the guy from the La Quinta shuttle took us although we were at a Marriott. Thank you! But then Tom had to drive another 2.5-3 hours to get home.

But we made it. It was nice to be home although the cats ignore us for hours because I think they get mad that we leave them. I saw my tomatoes and fear they might be die and we had tons of mail to go through. Whew!

But overall it was a fabulous trip and I am glad we got to go. But I am glad I am back!


  1. it looks like absolute paradise. so pretty!!!

  2. It's beautiful there! Sounds like a good time!

    We only live next door to TJ, but have only been to Mexico a couple time. I wish we could go more, maybe one day down to Rosarito! =)

  3. Carolyn, in the pictures you look so sweet with Tom. Are you actually sweet with Tom???? I mean, are you going to admit it and everything? That you're actually sweet?

  4. Those ruins are unbelievable Ms Gonzo, what a cool experience it must have been

  5. We went here the year that I graduated from college (i.e. a long time ago) and these pictures bring back such happy memories. i thought it was so beautiful there. Welcome home