Monday, June 29, 2009

The Doctor is In!

Okay so I am not a doctor, sue me! But this was the best Lucy picture I could find and it sort of fit since I am back blogging. There is a story on why I love Lucy in the psychiatrist booth. A long time ago my friend Maria once said that I reminded her of Lucy. This was because she would always come into my office and spill her guts. I would listen give her advice and she would leave a nickel on my desk every time she did. I made a lot of money. Actually a lot of people I know spill their guts to me. I even have strangers do it. I don't know if I have a kind face (no comments from the peanut gallery) or because I seem trustworthy. But it is sort of what happens. I have gotten used to it and I don't mind listening. But like Lucy I don't sugarcoat things and will tell them what I really think. Now sometimes people come back for more advice and other times I think they get mad and never spill again. More often than not, they come back for more. You know who you are and I want my nickels. :)

Anyway, enough of Lucy. I am glad to be back blogging because I will be gone again soon and only have a few days to make entries. We are going up to Pittsburgh to visit Tom's lifelong friend, Brendan. I have met Brendan once and he and his wife are super duper nice people. This year Tom and Brendan hit the big 50 so they wanted to sort of celebrate it together although Brendan's b-day in in July and Tom's in August. I am always up for a trip so I am happy to go. I have been to Pittsburgh, once, and it was okay. Of course, it was in November so it might not have been the best time to go but I am hoping that I get to see more of the city. So I will be MIA once again the end of the week.

These last few days were spent with Tom's mom visiting. She came in on Thursday and if you read my blog you know where we went to eat. Yes, El Pacifico. We love our Mexican food! I think all guests get taken to El Pacifico whether they like it or not. So keep that in mind if you ever visit.

On Friday we took a drive around town and, of course, that took all of 10 minutes. Then we went to eat in Waynesville. We ate a a little diner called Clyde's that is always jammed pack full of people. We figured if so many people go there, it must be good. Right? We were underwhelmed. After eating the fried chicken and mashed potatoes etc., I realized that I am a better cook and my hurricane fried chicken is so much better than what they were serving. It was fine but we won't go back again. Then we drove over to Lake Junaluska. It's this Methodist community (no I am not finding religion although I would so live there) close to Waynesville. It was lovely. They have a lake and it's a whole community based around their religion. They have cabins to rent and a convention center and mainly anyone can go for spiritual enrichment. It was actually quite cool. We had never been so it was a good place to go.

Our next stop was Maggie Valley. We have been wanting to go there because we had no idea what it was and people always talk about Maggie Valley. It was like Pigeon Forge, TN or Kissimmee, FL in that it is sort of just a place for tourists to hang out. I think the main attraction is the Great Smoky Mountains so there are tons of motels, hotels, mini golf and restaurants. It is wicked small but has cute shops and I would love to go back though because it looked like a nice place to spend a day and we love mini golf!! Next stop Cherokee. The main thing about Cherokee is that there is a Harrah's casino there. They have other stuff but that's the biggie. We had been to Cherokee before. Yes, we did go to the casino. Many people know we love to gamble! But we didn't like the casino and I think that is a good thing!! Then we came home, napped and then went out to dinner at the Spring Street Cafe. We went there with my mom and sister. They have such great food.

The next day Tom and his mom went hiking! I didn't go because I HATE hiking. They also went over towards an area where there is another lake: Glenville. Then you have two other towns called Cashiers and Highlands. This area is really pretty and this is where the rich people have their second homes etc. It's very pretty. Them going off gave me a chance to get on the Wii who scolded me for gaining weight and not checking in. Whatever Wii! But I did run for 30 minutes because I was watching Michael Jackson videos on Fuse TV and the time went by fast. I had forgotten how much I liked Michael's music especially his older stuff. Listening and watching those old videos brought back a flood of memories from over 20 years ago. I always felt that 1984 was such a great year for music and he was one of the best at pop music. Once he got really weird, his music changed and I stopped being a fan. But he was a musical genius. It's tragic because he was so talented but oh so f*&ked up. It always makes me wonder what the hell happened to him when he was little to make him the way he became. Maybe one day we will find out but then again I think do we really want to know because it can't be good.

On Saturday night we went out to dinner to a local pizza joint, Speedy's. The pizza was good and we had been wanting to try it for a while. Sunday found us eating lunch at the Balsam Inn. Funny story about the Balsam Inn. A few months before Tom even knew he was going to interview here in Western North Carolina, I got a postcard from The Balsam Inn in the mail. I have no idea why but I probably had signed up for something. It looked really lovely so Tom said let's keep that in case we are ever in that part of the country and we want to go. So I took it and tacked it up on the refrigerator. A few weeks later he was called for the interview. The night he arrived the selection committee members took him to eat at the Balsam Inn. When he got home from interviewing and was telling me about the interview and the area he mentioned that he ate at the Balsam Inn and I said WTH? this Balsam Inn and grabbed the postcard off the frig. And that was it. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not but it was freaky that we had kept that postcard. Anyway, it is a lovely Inn with a great view. It is huge. I finally had shrimp & grits. Believe it or not, I had never ever had shrimp & grits before. And me being such a good Southern girl. LOL It was good but it was sort of a gourmet version of the dish and I think I need to go find some real down home version of Shrimp & grits to really know if I like it or not. But the food was good and the Inn is so cool.

Tom's mom left today. She is driving all the way back to Cleveland. I remember we did that trip in one day when we went up for Thanksgiving last year. On the way back though, Tom drove the whole way because I had thrown out my back and was doped up on muscle relaxants and vicodin. Woo-Hoo! It wasn't fun although the drugs did work. I suspect that on our drive to Pittsburgh, I will have to drive. I used to love driving but in all my years with Tom, he drives the first leg of the trips. I usually have to drive late afternoon when he is tired but I am also tired. Luckily, I pop in some Doors music and I am good to go. But lately because I never drive in traffic anymore, I hate driving into cities and what not.

Today is my catching up day. I am blogging and wrapping up some of my giveaways. I have been weeding all weekend so I have the usual to do. I am getting tons of squash and cucumbers. Today I am going to make some curried squash soup to freeze and a tomato cucumber salad with some fresh lettuce as well. I already have baby tomatoes!!! I hate to leave my garden even for a day but we have Melody coming to take care of the cats and the garden. The tomatoes will probably be ripe in about 2 weeks or so. It is all so exciting. I went out this morning and have tons more squash but I can't pick them until late afternoon when the bees go away. I hate freaking bees. I know, I know they are good for the garden but I hate flying insects period. And let me tell you that there are 5,000 of them out there.

I also have to go get back on the Wii because we have eaten out so much these past few days and it kills the diet. It's amazing how we gain weight when we eat out. We are in need of a home cooked meal.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Will Be MIA a few days again

Yep the Gone Fishing graphic is up again. I really need to get another one. I was looking for a picture of Lucy's (from Peanuts) shrink kiosk that says out to lunch but I couldn't find on on he internets, believe it or not. So I will use this one until I find something cute to use when I will be MIA for a few days.

Tom's mom is coming to visit for a few days so I won't be blogging but I will probably be taking pictures and blogging Monday when she leaves. Not sure what we are going to do. As y'all know that there isn't tons of stuff to do around here unless you love the outdoors. Tom says he will take her hiking. Of course, I am not going because I abhor hiking. But at least I get to eat out! YAY! No cooking for a few days.

I know y'all will miss me but don't be sad, I'll be back soon enough. I am so close to my 100th post! For the 100th post I am having a great giveaway for my readers. I have a Costa Rican goodie bag so keep an eye out.

See ya soon!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random Musings for Tuesday

The picture to the left is of our front door. See the sign above it? Well I won that from a website called Signs of Obsession . Christina Hoover runs the site and makes these cute signs. I was lucky to win. Now it took me some time to decide what to put on the sign since The Salzman-Gonzalez's would have been wicked long. Then we thought about Casa Salzman but then Tom said hey let's have a sign that says Pura Vida. Well, I liked that so I asked Christina to make the sign that said Pura Vida. For you who might not know this, Pura Vida translated means Pure Life. But Pura Vida is also a slang word from Costa Rica. You would say it like you say Cool, Awesome etc. So it's a homage to my Costa Rican roots as well. And I want to thank Christina for making such a great sign for our little house in the country and for making it so fast as well. We love it!!

On another note, I have veggie pictures!! I know you guys are all so excited about them as well. The garden is going so good. My almost deadish tomatoes plants a few weeks ago got a second wind and are growing. There are still 3 or 4 that are really small still and they look like they might not make it but I have at least 10-12 tomato plants that are big, full and healthy. The squash is doing so well. I got 2 today and I am deciding what to make with it. And yeah that's me in the garden weeding. I do it everyday!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Dad's Day

Just a short post to wish all my dad readers a great Father's Day. Of course, like Mother's Day and all other holidays, I believe this is just another day where the corporations can squeeze money out of people and make them spend tons of money celebrating someone who should be celebrated all the time. But that's just me.

I especially want to wish my pal, Dion, a happy Father's Day because this will be his very first! He has been a dad for about 7 months. That is sort of cool. Sort of because I don't really like kids. But again, that's just me. I will wish Tom a Happy Father's Day but he is in denial that Scout and Shawn are like our babies and he is a kitty daddy. But he is. But he won't get a gift for being a kitty daddy. Too bad, so sad sucks to be him.

We will probably hang out at the house since it is wicked hot this weekend and we finally had to use the AC. I had to go garden at 8 am, which was inhumane. But I have to weed that damn garden everyday or it gets crazy. I do have a zucchini in the garden as well as yellow squash! Pictures are forthcoming and I know you are all excited to see them, right?

Everyone enjoy your day. Here is a picture of my dad with my sister. It's not Father's Day in Costa Rica so its sort of a moot point but I still want to wish him a Happy Father's Day.

Friday, June 19, 2009

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

So today was one of those days that you just want to run screaming through the streets naked. Well, not the whole day but part of the day.

The day started out fine. I got up, had my coffee, got on the internets, checked email, checked my giveaways for comments etc. After I did that, I got my lazy butt off the sofa and got on the evil Wii Fit that insulted me again. The problem with the Wii Fit is that unless you weigh in at the same exact time everyday it seems to fluctuate a pound or two. Believe it or not, I have lost 4 pounds since I started but, more importantly, my clothes are a lot looser. So I know I have lost inches. But anyway I lose and gain everyday. The other day it said I gained weight and asked me why. So I said "I don't know" because that was an option. I said it because I know I am losing but the Wii Fit is the one who doesn't track it well.

Well hell, today it said "you gained a pound WHY!?! And don't tell me I don't know." WTF? I was like B#*th back off because I am down 4 pounds!! So I pushed the button for "I don't know" just to mess with it. hee It amused me to do that. And the other day it actually asked Tom how I was doing and if I looked skinnier. WTH? I was appalled.

Anyway, after I got my kicks taunting the Wii Fit, I did my exercises, showered, dressed and then went out to hoe my garden. OMG I have more corn and I have a freaking yellow squash. It is so darling. I was going to post a picture but Tom said that people are going to get tired if I take a picture of every freaking vegetable that grows. I said too bad because it's my blog and I will post veggie pictures whether people like it or not. Readers be prepared for veggie pictures up the ying yang in the coming weeks. I digress though.

I was hoeing the garden when Tom came home and he almost crashed into the garage because the shock of seeing me in the garden hoeing floored him. Never did he think he would see that. And I am sure many of you didn't either.

The goal for today was to go into Asheville because I am doing a review for TJ Maxx/Marshalls and part of that was to go buy something and then blog about it. Well the closest TJ Maxx is in Asheville. So we planned to go and make a day of it. Tom recently got us new Blackberry phones but somehow the phone screwed up his calendar because he uses a Mac and some other nonsense so he says that before we go to Asheville we are going to the phone store in Waynesville to trade them in.

We get to the phone store around noon and there are 5,000 people there. For a crappy economy, there are sure a lot of freaking people buying phones. Anyway we sit and wait there for about an hour or so and that's when I had the urge to get up and run screaming out the door. I didn't but I should have.

All well and good. We head into Asheville and find the TJ Maxx and I find the cutest gladiator sandals in the world and some other stuff. Then we head over to Best Buy so Tom can get a new iPhone and me another phone. I got the cutest little red phone in the world with this cool keyboard that I will never ever use because I don't text. Anyway, I wanted a pink one but they didn't have one. So we sit and wait for about 2 freaking hours to get everything activated and such.

This is when I realized why people go postal. Again the overwhelming feeling of screaming and jumping on the desk and possibly kicking someone in the head almost overtook me until I went to the appliance section to drool over the freezer at the bottom refrigerators for a while. That seemed to calm me down. I tell you, there is nothing like a stainless steel freezer at the bottom frig to let you know that all is right with the world. But that only lasts so long. I had to entertain myself by fondling the Kitchen Aid Mixer and oogling the 52 inch Plasma TVs. I sat in the "home theater" for awhile until I got the hairy eyeball from one of the salespeople and had to move on. I went over to the Wii section in hopes of finding something to replace the wii evil devil from hell but there were so many games and accessories that it made my head spin. The only thing that saved me was that I knew that after all these hours of torture I was going to have Japanese food.

We did just that. We went over to Wasabi our favorite restaurant in Asheville. YUMMO! I had pork gyoza (had to share with Tom - Boo!) and pan fried Udon noodles and an avocado salad plus one California roll. OMG I am a fiend for California rolls. Tom had sushi and we had a nice dinner. After dinner it was back home. But before we drove home I suggested that we might want to stop by Jack the Dipper.

What is Jack the Dipper you ask? Well it's one of the best ice cream places in the world! They have great flavors but the best part: homemade waffle cones. I have never had freshly made waffle cones until we went to Jack the Dipper. They make the cones right there in front of you. The taste of cool tasty ice cream with a warm freshly made waffle cone, well it's freaking heaven.

So there you go. A day that involved waiting for hours for phones, being lectured by the Wii fit, me wanting to run screaming through the streets with a flamethrower ended up with me getting cute sandals, Japanese food and Butter Pecan ice cream on a freshly made vanilla waffle cone. Who could ask for anything more?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Welcome Estevan Vega to the First Annual Virtual Book Tour

I want to welcome Estevan Vega to this stop on the First Annual BronzeWord Latino Virtual Book Tour. The Book Tour is designed to give exposure to wonderful authors like Estevan. Please feel free to ask Estevan questions or leave a comment for him today. He will be visiting and talking with you. I am also happy to say that a random comment on one of these blogs will receive a signed copy of his latest book.

As a young boy, Estevan Vega wasn't interested writing. He world was filled with comic books and sketching. In 5th grade he found his love of writing. At the age of 15, Estevan became a published author with his first book Servant of the Realm. The book is a story about a teenager who sees the future deaths of those he loves and tries to change it. "There is something therapeutic and natural about breathing life into the mundane, or finding escape through odd characters and strange concepts," says Vega.

The Sacred Sin, his second book, was published when he was 18. From his website: The Sacred Sin tells the story of detective Jude Foster assigned to bring down a serial killer capable of stealing victim's souls without ever touching them. Stopping this ghost killer, fighting against his demons, his inner darkness, may be the only path toward sanity and a new beginning.

Estevan lives in Connecticut and will have a new book, Arson, coming out this year. So I want to welcome Estevan to Carolyn in Carolina and The Art of Random Willynillyness. I am amazed that he is so young and so talented. If you would like to buy a copy of his book, click on the Amazon widget on my sidebar!

Estevan was kind enough to submit this wonderful story. Read between the lines and you will see his process, his art and his talent come to life! Please enjoy. Once again, welcome Estevan to my blog(s) and am thrilled you are taking part in this wonderful event! Thank you. Please feel free to add any comments!!

A Picture and its Words
by Estevan Vega

A procrastinating eleven year old boy sits glued to the light glowing bright enough to give any normal kid a seizure. The light ushers forth from a television set, a big, boxy, archaic reminder of why everyone went to flat panels. He’s watching Money Train, a Thursday night special on Fox, featuring the always butt-kicking, very dark and usually pissed off Wesley Snipes, and a cocky, almost obnoxious Woody Harrelson. (He’s the one with an Owen Wilson face before Owen Wilson was put on the map. ) The tension in the film is building and the action peaks, just in time for a loud call to echo in from the other room.

“Did you finish that paper you were assigned?” comes the voice of a man whose tone clearly indicated he was busy with paperwork.

Ummm,” the boy replies, “not exactly, Pop, but it’s a cinch. Get to it after this.” A scoop of ice cream finds its way to his lips and the film runs to a commercial break.

“You better get in here and work on it, then, or it’s bed time.”
Ahhh, bed time. The two words that can make any small child obey your every command. The boy reluctantly checks the clock, shuffles his position on the green rug, shoves another spoonful of mint chocolate chip ice cream down his throat, and finally turns off the tube. Dragging his feet into the adjacent room, he plops down at the dining room table, faces a blocky-looking machine known as a desktop computer, and pushes out a forceful sigh. At this point, it’s his job to make sure everyone around him—mainly his father—knows he’s unhappy.

“What’s the paper on?” his father asks.

He shrugs, finishing the bowl of ice cream.

His father shrugs back, putting his pencil behind his ear. His father, a hard-working businessman fit the role of a once-carpenter well, and the whole pencil-in-ear thing worked for him. The boy has tried to pull the look off many times, but it never seems to work. As he finds excuses to escape his father’s soul-piercing glare, he finally replies, “I don’t feel like writing. I want to watch the movie.”

“Yeah, well, your mother and I don’t want to do paperwork, either…but. Well, that’s probably why she bailed on me tonight.” The boy’s father takes a moment to acknowledge his own joke and the painful reality of it. “Nevertheless, we do it. You gotta do whatcha gotta do, son, whether you like it or not.”

The boy shoves his bowl to the side and hops into a seat by the computer.

Suddenly, his father turns his chair, and looks him square in the face. “Ah-ah, no you don’t. Not yet. I’m gonna help you with this assignment. But first, we practice,” he says, cracking his knuckles. “Close your eyes.”

The boy, slightly confused and mostly frustrated, acquiesces, though he can’t imagine why. After a grunt, a shrug, and a long-winded sigh, he scratches his nose and begins to gets curious.

“What’s this for, anyway?”

“When you’re drawing a picture, first you have to see it, right?”

“Yeah. But, Pop, this is an essay, not some sketch. Miss what’s-her-face doesn’t let us do anything as fun as sketching comic book characters or—”

“Miss what’s-her-face? Does your teacher know you call her that?”


“Look, just listen to the sound of my voice. It’s just like drawing a picture. First, you allow me to paint an image in your mind, and then we take that image and turn it into a story. Understand? That’s how we can have fun with this.”

“Miss what’s-her…my teacher doesn’t know the meaning of fun.”

“She was a kid once, too, I’m sure. So, just sit back and listen. You talk too much.”

“Whatever. But it’s not going to be fun.”

The boy’s father can tell he’s rolling his eyes underneath those pale lids, but he continues dictating a brief anecdote anyway. Something to jog the child’s mind. Something to take his mind off Money Train. With every scene and character created, the boy’s enthusiasm increases and a smile crawls across his lips. The boy’s father paints beautiful trees and unheard-of accents and scenery inside the boy’s mind, and each piece becomes more real, more a part of the story.

Like a dream, it comes and goes, sometimes distorted, other times as clear as crystal. Every image a part of a mental photograph, an image impossible to erase. He can see them, touch them, learn their likes and dislikes, who they are and what they’ve done. They’re living, breathing people, scenes turned alive and ready to be explored. A gasp awakens quiet lungs and a deep breath.

“Can you see it now?” my father asks, blinking with anticipation.

It was the most incredible thing. My father wasn’t lying about writing, or about what it can do to a person, what worlds can be created in just a few moments. He wasn’t just a businessman or a dad; he was a writer. He knew what kind of fun someone could have if only they shut their eyes from the crazy, busy world for a moment and let the words form themselves. It really was like drawing a character. Every sound and word was a piece, a shape of a larger thing forming in my mind. All I had to do was picture it first.

He leans back in his chair, as I nod with a grin on my face. “Yeah, I can see it. I can see everything.”

“Good,” he says, patting my shoulder. “Now we can write.”

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The First Annual BronzeWord Latino Virtual Book Tour will highlight Estevan Vega

I was asked if I wanted to participate in The First Latino Virtual Book Tour on the web and I jumped at the chance. Jo Ann Hernandez who is a wonderful Latina author and who also runs the BronzeWord Latino Authors website came up with this idea and I think it's great because not only does it give authors the opportunity to get the word out about his/her book(s) but it also gives the readers of the host blogs to be exposed to new reading material. The book tour will be hitting a few websites and I am just one of them.

I have the honor of hosting Estevan Vega the author of Servant of the Realm and, his newest book, The Sacred Sin on June 16th. Please visit Estevan's site and read about this amazing young Latino author.

Please come back June 16th when I will be hosting Estevan on both my blogs. He has written a special article and feel free to ask questions because he will be popping in and be answering questions. Please feel free to leave any comments for the author as well. One lucky person who makes a comment here or on my other website will win a $10 amazon code so you can go buy Estevan's book. Come and participate and make this unique and wonderful event a success.

If you miss him on the 16th, you can still visit the Book Tour at these other sites!! The tour starts June 14 and ends June 27. If you would like to buy a copy of his book, click on the Amazon widget on my sidebar!


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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mostly Wordless Wednesday!

WTF? Didn't I tell you the Wii Fit was evil? Didn't I?

This is my Mii. A Mii is the virtual me on Wii Fit. She started out very skinny and then I got measured and this is what that evil dog from hell came up with. It's not pretty folks! I look like a freaking stuffed sausage jammed in workout clothes. A big fat meatball. A stuffed tamale.

Thanks freaking Wii Fit! Whatever!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's a Lazy Sunday - well for me.

I am hoping to do nothing this Sunday although I do have to cook dinner and maybe clean up a bit. I hate cleaning when Tom is here because he is out working on the yard and then he tracks in dirt and leaves etc. So I think I will wait until tomorrow to actually clean the house. Plus, today there is no Wii Fit. I did it 6 days in a row and like the good Lord said: the 7th day is for rest. See religion is good for getting out of exercising!

I got my first veggie the other day, look at this radish! YAY! Yesterday we toiled in the garden. I bought more plants because some of the seedlings I had died because they weren't strong enough to survive. My tomatoes are hanging on although some are on shaky ground. I am hoping that if I buy some tomato food, they might just make it past this phase. I wanted some lettuce plants but there were none to be found even at this great nursery we went to so I bought lettuce seeds and tossed them in the garden. I actually have 3 lettuce plants growing but that won't even make 2 salads.

But over all the garden is looking very good. But the weeds are killing me. I go out everyday and pull weeds and they keep coming back and I vex them for that. It's a huge pain in my ass and back to go out and weed the garden but that's just part of the deal. But I don't have to like it. This morning I went out and found another radish. I see the carrots growing but I will give them a little time before I try to pull one out.

Tom took down a huge vining plant yesterday and it was a lot of work. Then he cranked up our fire pit and burned it all. Now I have issues with this. Part of me loves it! I am a closet pyromaniac. I love fire, making fires and watching fires. I have loved this since I was a little girl. On the other hand, I think this can't be good for the environment but it's perfectly legal here in our town. But I still feel that we shouldn't do that but the dump won't take this type of trash so we all have to burn. What to do, what to do?

Well, I am hoping to get some internets time in. I need to enter some giveaways. I need to blog and write some reviews for my other blog and then decide about dinner. Tom is out in the yard still working on stuff but besides the weeding I did earlier, this gal is going to try and avoid any physical activity today!! Happy Sunday and here are some more pictures of my garden and our flower bed. Look closely, there is an actual bed frame in the flower bed. Clever, huh? It wasn't our idea. :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It Hurts So Good - Okay Maybe Not

I have been lazy about blogging lately since Tom got us a Wii this weekend. On Sunday, he says, "Carolyn, I am going to the car wash." I said I hope they are open. And he left. A while later he comes back and announces that the car wash was closed, which I figured since it was Sunday. This is the Bible Belt people so a lot of stuff is closed on Sundays. We heathens forget that sometimes.

But he came through the door with two packages from Walmart. I, of course, am all about people coming to my house with packages. I ask what's that hoping Tom lost his senses and actually bought me something like the 5-cup Pink Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer I have been coveting for years and years. It wasn't the Kitchen Aid and it wasn't solely for me but he says, "I got a Wii."

Woo-Hoo!!! Now as some of you know that I am a sweepstakes fanatic. I have been trying to win a Wii for years to no avail. So I was thrilled when he came home with one. I think the visit from our friend Tim struck a chord with us. Tim has actually lost tons of weight so I think that motivated Tom to do something as well. We both have gained weight since we moved here and can't get it off. I, of course, gained more. GRRR But I think Tim's story sort of pushed Tom to buy the Wii.

It's been a few days and I am starting to hate the Wii. It's cutting into my blogging and entering sweepstakes time. Plus, I have been sore and demented for the past few days. If you don't have a Wii, it's a pretty cool thing. You get a remote and then from there you can play games. But it's so not like a joystick. It's really interactive. So Tom got us the Wii that came with Wii Sports. Wii Sports comes with 5 games: tennis, golfing, bowling, baseball and boxing. It's really fun. My favs are the bowling (I keep kicking Tom's ass), golf (I suck ass) and the tennis (the AI's kick my ass). It's really like you are playing these games but in the comfort of your own home. The tennis actually gives you a great workout but I have yet to win against those stupid Wii players. GRRRR

He also got us the Wii Fit. This focuses on exercises like yoga, strength building, balance, aerobics etc. It comes with this little evil fit board that groans every time I step on it. Bitch! Wii Fit tracks your weight and your progress as you go along. You take Body Tests and it makes you do things to test you. The evil Wii Fit told me I was a big fat fatty fatty! Like I don't know. It's also extremely rude. When you don't do something or do the exercises wrong it criticizes and belittles you. Okay, on the other hand when you do something well it does support and encourage you as well but I still say it's rude.

You get your own personal trainer who takes you through all the steps. You can do yoga, which kicked my ass. I used to do yoga and now suck at it. The strength training is pretty good. But it's tough. The aerobics part is fun. I kick ass on the hula hoops and running. They also have some balance and coordination exercises. These are fun but I suck balls at them. The ski run is fun but the Wii told me I was a loser at it. Whatever!

The good thing is that it makes exercise bearable. I actually am starting to look forward to getting up and doing some of the exercises and seeing my personal trainer. I like playing tennis because I used to play eons ago. And I like kicking Tom's butt in bowling. hee But he kicks my butt in golf.

All and all I think I am going to really like the Wii because I know that even though I am dying today, in the end getting up and actually doing any exercise is a good thing. I am hoping to research getting some more fun games. And hopefully all this pain will equal weight loss and better health.

Wordless Wednesday