Friday, June 19, 2009

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

So today was one of those days that you just want to run screaming through the streets naked. Well, not the whole day but part of the day.

The day started out fine. I got up, had my coffee, got on the internets, checked email, checked my giveaways for comments etc. After I did that, I got my lazy butt off the sofa and got on the evil Wii Fit that insulted me again. The problem with the Wii Fit is that unless you weigh in at the same exact time everyday it seems to fluctuate a pound or two. Believe it or not, I have lost 4 pounds since I started but, more importantly, my clothes are a lot looser. So I know I have lost inches. But anyway I lose and gain everyday. The other day it said I gained weight and asked me why. So I said "I don't know" because that was an option. I said it because I know I am losing but the Wii Fit is the one who doesn't track it well.

Well hell, today it said "you gained a pound WHY!?! And don't tell me I don't know." WTF? I was like B#*th back off because I am down 4 pounds!! So I pushed the button for "I don't know" just to mess with it. hee It amused me to do that. And the other day it actually asked Tom how I was doing and if I looked skinnier. WTH? I was appalled.

Anyway, after I got my kicks taunting the Wii Fit, I did my exercises, showered, dressed and then went out to hoe my garden. OMG I have more corn and I have a freaking yellow squash. It is so darling. I was going to post a picture but Tom said that people are going to get tired if I take a picture of every freaking vegetable that grows. I said too bad because it's my blog and I will post veggie pictures whether people like it or not. Readers be prepared for veggie pictures up the ying yang in the coming weeks. I digress though.

I was hoeing the garden when Tom came home and he almost crashed into the garage because the shock of seeing me in the garden hoeing floored him. Never did he think he would see that. And I am sure many of you didn't either.

The goal for today was to go into Asheville because I am doing a review for TJ Maxx/Marshalls and part of that was to go buy something and then blog about it. Well the closest TJ Maxx is in Asheville. So we planned to go and make a day of it. Tom recently got us new Blackberry phones but somehow the phone screwed up his calendar because he uses a Mac and some other nonsense so he says that before we go to Asheville we are going to the phone store in Waynesville to trade them in.

We get to the phone store around noon and there are 5,000 people there. For a crappy economy, there are sure a lot of freaking people buying phones. Anyway we sit and wait there for about an hour or so and that's when I had the urge to get up and run screaming out the door. I didn't but I should have.

All well and good. We head into Asheville and find the TJ Maxx and I find the cutest gladiator sandals in the world and some other stuff. Then we head over to Best Buy so Tom can get a new iPhone and me another phone. I got the cutest little red phone in the world with this cool keyboard that I will never ever use because I don't text. Anyway, I wanted a pink one but they didn't have one. So we sit and wait for about 2 freaking hours to get everything activated and such.

This is when I realized why people go postal. Again the overwhelming feeling of screaming and jumping on the desk and possibly kicking someone in the head almost overtook me until I went to the appliance section to drool over the freezer at the bottom refrigerators for a while. That seemed to calm me down. I tell you, there is nothing like a stainless steel freezer at the bottom frig to let you know that all is right with the world. But that only lasts so long. I had to entertain myself by fondling the Kitchen Aid Mixer and oogling the 52 inch Plasma TVs. I sat in the "home theater" for awhile until I got the hairy eyeball from one of the salespeople and had to move on. I went over to the Wii section in hopes of finding something to replace the wii evil devil from hell but there were so many games and accessories that it made my head spin. The only thing that saved me was that I knew that after all these hours of torture I was going to have Japanese food.

We did just that. We went over to Wasabi our favorite restaurant in Asheville. YUMMO! I had pork gyoza (had to share with Tom - Boo!) and pan fried Udon noodles and an avocado salad plus one California roll. OMG I am a fiend for California rolls. Tom had sushi and we had a nice dinner. After dinner it was back home. But before we drove home I suggested that we might want to stop by Jack the Dipper.

What is Jack the Dipper you ask? Well it's one of the best ice cream places in the world! They have great flavors but the best part: homemade waffle cones. I have never had freshly made waffle cones until we went to Jack the Dipper. They make the cones right there in front of you. The taste of cool tasty ice cream with a warm freshly made waffle cone, well it's freaking heaven.

So there you go. A day that involved waiting for hours for phones, being lectured by the Wii fit, me wanting to run screaming through the streets with a flamethrower ended up with me getting cute sandals, Japanese food and Butter Pecan ice cream on a freshly made vanilla waffle cone. Who could ask for anything more?


  1. im not sure i like the wiifit that lectures you!! is there a way to deprogram that part?? the rest of your day sounds like great fun - especially the part about the shopping@!!!!!! i need a day to splurge!

  2. Ice cream: yum
    I'm with you on the postal thing, really. Would they hurry up already!!!!!!!!!!!
    (I like vegetable photos)

  3. i like veggie photos!
    haha whenever i hear/read the words "hairy eyeball," i suddenly picture this demented looking man with long, straggly hair, unshaved, rotting teeth, and an eyeball that protrudes out of his face, sprouting long hairs. alksdfjdls;kgjsgjsd;gkj!!!

  4. You definitely paint some extremely interesting word pictures, Caro. Sounds like you're managing to have busy and exciting days!