Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It Hurts So Good - Okay Maybe Not

I have been lazy about blogging lately since Tom got us a Wii this weekend. On Sunday, he says, "Carolyn, I am going to the car wash." I said I hope they are open. And he left. A while later he comes back and announces that the car wash was closed, which I figured since it was Sunday. This is the Bible Belt people so a lot of stuff is closed on Sundays. We heathens forget that sometimes.

But he came through the door with two packages from Walmart. I, of course, am all about people coming to my house with packages. I ask what's that hoping Tom lost his senses and actually bought me something like the 5-cup Pink Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer I have been coveting for years and years. It wasn't the Kitchen Aid and it wasn't solely for me but he says, "I got a Wii."

Woo-Hoo!!! Now as some of you know that I am a sweepstakes fanatic. I have been trying to win a Wii for years to no avail. So I was thrilled when he came home with one. I think the visit from our friend Tim struck a chord with us. Tim has actually lost tons of weight so I think that motivated Tom to do something as well. We both have gained weight since we moved here and can't get it off. I, of course, gained more. GRRR But I think Tim's story sort of pushed Tom to buy the Wii.

It's been a few days and I am starting to hate the Wii. It's cutting into my blogging and entering sweepstakes time. Plus, I have been sore and demented for the past few days. If you don't have a Wii, it's a pretty cool thing. You get a remote and then from there you can play games. But it's so not like a joystick. It's really interactive. So Tom got us the Wii that came with Wii Sports. Wii Sports comes with 5 games: tennis, golfing, bowling, baseball and boxing. It's really fun. My favs are the bowling (I keep kicking Tom's ass), golf (I suck ass) and the tennis (the AI's kick my ass). It's really like you are playing these games but in the comfort of your own home. The tennis actually gives you a great workout but I have yet to win against those stupid Wii players. GRRRR

He also got us the Wii Fit. This focuses on exercises like yoga, strength building, balance, aerobics etc. It comes with this little evil fit board that groans every time I step on it. Bitch! Wii Fit tracks your weight and your progress as you go along. You take Body Tests and it makes you do things to test you. The evil Wii Fit told me I was a big fat fatty fatty! Like I don't know. It's also extremely rude. When you don't do something or do the exercises wrong it criticizes and belittles you. Okay, on the other hand when you do something well it does support and encourage you as well but I still say it's rude.

You get your own personal trainer who takes you through all the steps. You can do yoga, which kicked my ass. I used to do yoga and now suck at it. The strength training is pretty good. But it's tough. The aerobics part is fun. I kick ass on the hula hoops and running. They also have some balance and coordination exercises. These are fun but I suck balls at them. The ski run is fun but the Wii told me I was a loser at it. Whatever!

The good thing is that it makes exercise bearable. I actually am starting to look forward to getting up and doing some of the exercises and seeing my personal trainer. I like playing tennis because I used to play eons ago. And I like kicking Tom's butt in bowling. hee But he kicks my butt in golf.

All and all I think I am going to really like the Wii because I know that even though I am dying today, in the end getting up and actually doing any exercise is a good thing. I am hoping to research getting some more fun games. And hopefully all this pain will equal weight loss and better health.


  1. wow!!! maybe i should tell my hubby to bring us home a wii!!! you make it sound like so much fun!!! and just think.. .while all the christians are praying, you heathens are getting into great shape!!!!

  2. Everytime I turn around I find more Latinos living the country, LOL. I live in South Carolina.


  3. i tried to play the wii at best buy. i came to the conclusion that i pretty much suck at it.

  4. Congrats on your big win! I've been trying to win a wii and wii fit for months. Having fun is more important than anything else, I think:)

  5. but aren't you normally demented on a regular basis? lol

  6. I was rooting for you to get the kitchen aid but this is pretty great too!!