Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's a Lazy Sunday - well for me.

I am hoping to do nothing this Sunday although I do have to cook dinner and maybe clean up a bit. I hate cleaning when Tom is here because he is out working on the yard and then he tracks in dirt and leaves etc. So I think I will wait until tomorrow to actually clean the house. Plus, today there is no Wii Fit. I did it 6 days in a row and like the good Lord said: the 7th day is for rest. See religion is good for getting out of exercising!

I got my first veggie the other day, look at this radish! YAY! Yesterday we toiled in the garden. I bought more plants because some of the seedlings I had died because they weren't strong enough to survive. My tomatoes are hanging on although some are on shaky ground. I am hoping that if I buy some tomato food, they might just make it past this phase. I wanted some lettuce plants but there were none to be found even at this great nursery we went to so I bought lettuce seeds and tossed them in the garden. I actually have 3 lettuce plants growing but that won't even make 2 salads.

But over all the garden is looking very good. But the weeds are killing me. I go out everyday and pull weeds and they keep coming back and I vex them for that. It's a huge pain in my ass and back to go out and weed the garden but that's just part of the deal. But I don't have to like it. This morning I went out and found another radish. I see the carrots growing but I will give them a little time before I try to pull one out.

Tom took down a huge vining plant yesterday and it was a lot of work. Then he cranked up our fire pit and burned it all. Now I have issues with this. Part of me loves it! I am a closet pyromaniac. I love fire, making fires and watching fires. I have loved this since I was a little girl. On the other hand, I think this can't be good for the environment but it's perfectly legal here in our town. But I still feel that we shouldn't do that but the dump won't take this type of trash so we all have to burn. What to do, what to do?

Well, I am hoping to get some internets time in. I need to enter some giveaways. I need to blog and write some reviews for my other blog and then decide about dinner. Tom is out in the yard still working on stuff but besides the weeding I did earlier, this gal is going to try and avoid any physical activity today!! Happy Sunday and here are some more pictures of my garden and our flower bed. Look closely, there is an actual bed frame in the flower bed. Clever, huh? It wasn't our idea. :)


  1. Any thoughts of planting anti-weed plants in between the rows - like clover?

  2. ohhhh the hard work pays off with a radish! thats awesome!

  3. Look at your Garden, trying so hard! Loved this post! Farmer*sWife and all, you'd know I would!

    Radishes look yum-beautiful. Tomatoes is a tough year it seems for everyone, wherever you live and are raising them.

    Speaking of give-aways! Thanks for entering mine. FYI, if you really want that tote purse there are multiple "easy" ways to get more entries.

    Thanks again Gal!

    [I want a Wii for Christmas; exercise for me and the family and they all think they are just having fun!]

  4. I love your garden. I am still waiting for my first veggie to pop up.

  5. Your garden is BEAUTIFUL and so BIG! And girl thats not a patch like you wrote in another post thats a huge lot! LOL No wonder you don't want to do anything else! The radish looks amazing by the way. It must feel so good to be able to say that you grew that when you make your salads.. If only I lived closer to you LOL I would shop in your yard!