Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Garden Has Run Amok

The garden has exploded and is running amok. Who knew it would look like this weeks later. The tomato plants are so HUGE and are all getting tangled together. Tom did measure the plot and we gave them enough space but who knew they would turn into mutant tomato plants. I have about 12 plants and more than half already have tiny tomatoes on them.

The squash and cucumber plants have been giving out veggies for the past few weeks. I am sending extras to Tom's office since there is no way we can eat so much squash and/or cucumbers. I did make the best willy-nilly squash casserole the other day. I took the squash and sauteed it in a little butter. Then I added salt, pepper, paprika, onion powder, garlic powder and a little celery salt. I mixed in some plain breadcrumbs and then some grated cheese. Mixed it all together and then popped it into the oven. OMG, can you say freaking delish? Well it was freaking delish!!! I still need more recipes though. And I need cucumber recipes because all I ever make with cukes are salads. I love mixing cukes, tomatoes, onions and lemon. Plus, if you have that salad, you can add it to couscous or white rice and it tastes really good. I was never a cuke fan but I have learned to like cucumbers especially fresh cucumbers.

I also have a new nemesis. I found a chewed up cucumber in the garden yesterday. The bunny is too tiny to eat a whole cucumber. He is sticking to my lettuce, I suspect. But we did see some squirrels around the other day but who knows if freaking squirrels eat cucumbers. It could be rats or mice but I never see those around here. And we might have deer around here but I have never seen one. So god only knows. I figure there will be collateral damage in the garden but oh well. Next year, I might fence although Tom is poo pooing that already. BOO!

Aside from that we are going to try the corn today. We harvested 2 ears. My corn plants are tiny though but they have corn, who knew? They aren't even 5 feet tall but we decided to try the corn just in case. Now the corn was a total experiment. I am seeing I need a bigger garden next year. Not in volume but size so I can make sure I have more space to move around. And if I grow squash again, they certainly need more space.

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. I got my first green onion and carrot. Since I am totally clueless, I have no idea when stuff is ready unless I dig it up like the carrot. It's stumpy but it's a carrot. Look at the mongo cucumbers. I mean I have no idea why they are so damn big. I have seen long cucumbers before but not big fat fatty ones like this. Well at least at grocery stores. A pic of Tom on the phone with his mom and holding the corn. And the other pictures are of my first little green pepper and some heirloom tomatoes!! Can't wait for those.


  1. I'm getting mutantly hugemungous cucumbers this year, too. I have 5 huge ones right now. I guess we'll be eating cucumbers everyday this week. Thank God I love 'em!

    I'm very jealous of your corn. I don't have enough room to grow corn :(

  2. wow those cucs are huge. love it.
    how about that persian cucumber receipe with yogurt thats really good

  3. Oh man do I wish I lived closer. I LOVE love love love love fresh cucumbers. Dave and I snack on em like they are candy!