Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Hateful Wii is Still Taunting Mii

Okay, I have almost had enough of the hateful Wii Fit. It still taunts me everyday. If I miss a day, Fuggetaboutit! It questions me. "To busy to exercise yesterday, caro?" "I missed seeing you yesterday." Well I know and you know that's BullS*&t! It didn't miss me. It knows I wasn't too busy to exercise and I was just being a lazy dog. It just wants to judge and point fingers (well if it had fingers). Oh sure when Tom missed a week, all he got was "I see you haven't been around" and that's it. There were no accusations, no recriminations, no evil snarky comments. I think it hates mii (see how clever I am using mii instead of me? HAH!)

Sometimes I walk by the Wii Fit and want to kick it but I refrain from doing it because I refuse to lower myself down to its level. I just don't know why it has to be so hateful and so hurtful.

The other day it asked Tom about me again. I don't like that. It rarely asks me about Tom. I think the evil Wii Fit has it in for me. I wonder if I really start losing weight will I get more positive comments or will it just snark at me any chance it gets. Stay tuned because I got a fantastic opportunity to get fit and lose weight, so Missy Wii Ft is going to have to eat her stinky words. I will let you know what I am doing next week. Because it's time I stop being a little piggy and take my weight loss seriously!

Maybe my Mii will stop looking like a stuffed tamale.


  1. LOL this had me cracking up! Hope you have a great day.

  2. That was funny! You certainly have a way with words.

  3. I wanted to stop by and say hi to you because you're also one of the sitewarming blogs. I'll follow if I'm not already. I forgot to check. :) See ya at 9pm!

  4. Hello. looking forward to the party. Nice blog. I have been afraid to get on my wii fit. I don't want to see my mii!