Thursday, July 16, 2009

This Wise Latina. . .

Okay after watching days of the Judge Sotomayor hearings, I had to laugh at all the GOP senators feigning moral outrage (FMO) at the fact that Judge Sotomayor said that she hoped a wise Latina would make a better decision than a white guy. Well, DUH! We all know that Latinas are wise and always make the best decisions. I mean we are Latinas, hello!!! Okay, I will admit some of us don’t always make the wisest decisions on clothing. Trust me chicas gold lame is never in style. And, JLo, a tube top with a Puerto Rican flag and suspenders is always a fashion DON’T. But anyway, after hearing the phrase "wise Latina" for the 500th time, I knew I had to blog about it.

Okay, some of you are probably saying “right on Carolyn” and some might be saying “shut the hell up” and I know Tom is saying can you just put up more JLo pictures and add Salma Hayek as well. But, this wise Latina just can't keep her mouth shut on the ridiculousness of the whole thing. I mean how many times do you have to ask someone the same question? How many times does she have to explain her comments? UGH! It gets to the point where the senators look like asses for bringing it up over and over again. I am sure she regrets saying that only because it has become such a huge deal. I guess when you have nothing else, because her record is pretty good, you have to beat the freaking dead horse.

I have heard from others that the whole thing is racist and/or sexist. And I think it may very well be in the case of certain senators. I mean here is a woman who has attended the top colleges in this country and graduated with honors and they are totally condecending. But that shouldn't surprise me seeing who are the senators making the remarks. And, I will admit there have been some comments that have crossed the line but, again, look at the senators asking those questions and making those comments and it's not surprising. For the most part though, the hearings haven't been that bad.

I think what makes me more mad than anything else is that this country has become so partisan. These Republicans already know they won't vote for her because they are against everything Obama. Unless it helps them politically, we will see no Republican votes. So as I watch these hearings, I wonder what's the damn point. Just vote how you will vote and stop hogging up news time. When was the last time I heard about Michael Jackson? I mean really folks, I need to know where he will be buried, hello.

All kidding aside, I don't support Judge Sotomayor because she a Latina. I just want a suitable liberal replacement for Souter. I don't want another conservative judge. It's that simple. Now if Obama's nominee was as dumb as a rock, I wouldn't support that but Sotomayor has proven she is one smart woman. It doesn’t matter if she is a Latina and it wouldn't matter if she was white, black or Asian because her record, her resume and her career speak for themselves. She has proven that she is more than qualified for this job and has shown that she can still be classy under pressure. The plus is that she is a Hispanic female. It's always a plus when barriers get broken. It makes it easier for the next person and next generation.

I am very cynical so I expect nonsense and shenanigans from our politicians. I always hope they take the high road but they don’t. And this goes for both sides. Lately, I am only left to hope that one day something will get done in this country. I am really getting sick and tired of no one doing a thing because they have to run for re-election. I am really starting to wonder what these Congresspeople really do. For the past 8 years, Democrats did nothing to stop W when he ran amok and now Republicans are doing anything to roadblock Obama. I thought you ran for higher office for a higher purpose but I guess that's not the case. I wonder if it's too late for me to run for office. I mean, I could really use a trip to Argentina. ;) (hee)

In the end, I have to give it up to the Judge because if someone called me temperamental, told me “I had some splaining to do (Ricky Ricardo),” and treated me like I was some dumb girl, I would have gotten up and said “Mr. Senator, sir, please besa mi culo.” But that’s just me. Lucky for her, Judge Sotomayor showed a little more restraint although I bet she was thinking it in her head.

So this is this “wise Latina’s” sort of rant. It's not that ranty. I think I am losing my edge in my old age or maybe I just stopped caring, who knows. In the end Judge Sotomayor will be confirmed regardless of the attacks. But we will still be left with the problem that our Congress doesn't really represent our best interests. And I am left to wonder how the hell do some of these people actually get elected to office time and time again. It's frightning. I am starting to think it's time for term limits but that will never happen. BOO!

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  1. Good rant, Carolyn.

    I'm beginning to wonder if our voices are being heard, too. And I think Judge Sotomayor used incredible restraint. I know there were times, when she was asked the same question for the 454th time, that she wanted to scream. And her answers were quite impressive. Even the Repubs had to admit that. She knows law. There is no doubt about that. It seems to be what she breaths, eats, sleeps, reads, etc. She's a fascinating person. I look forward to knowing more about her.