Sunday, August 30, 2009

Coraline's Garden

I went out to the garden to harvest some more tomatoes and as I walked around, I felt as if I had stepped into a Tim Burton movie. It is creepy and dark and dying. It was sort of like a scene in The Nightmare Before Christmas or most recently, Coraline. Okay Tim Burton didn't direct Coraline; one of his proteges did. But it was still kind of creepy in a good way.

By the way, if you haven't seen Coraline, I suggest you do if you like kid movies. I am all about good kid movies and I liked this one. Plus, the writer of the book it was adapted from, Neil Gaiman, rocks. The funny thing is ten minutes into the movie, Tom looked at me and said she reminds me of you. And even I had to admit that Coraline reminded me of me. It's probably because she is cute and has an attitude. Plus, I would have behaved exactly like she did when I was younger and to be truthful, I still act like that. But it is a good story and if you have kids they might like.

Even though Tim Burton didn't direct it, it still has that creepy Tim Burton vibe going on. My garden now has that creepy Tim Burton vibe as well. I swear as I was walking around I was expecting Jack from The Nightmare before Christmas to pop up and say hello. Or possibly, tomato vines to start wrapping around my legs and pull me under. I guess it didn't help that the morning was gray and gloomy. Or maybe I just watch too many movies especially Tim Burton ones. As you can see, I am a huge Tim Burton fan. Love him!! Can't wait for his new movie, Alice in Wonderland, to come out with our favorite, Johnny Depp! I love that he is doing Alice in Wonderland because I love, love , love anything Alice In Wonderland!!

I remember years ago while living in Florida and I was working for The Lord's Place (great organization that you should check out) we had a tea party for the volunteers. But the twist was it was a Mad Hatter's Tea Party. It was so much fun. I got to dress up at the Cheshire Cat and I loved it. I wish I had pictures. I still have the costume I made and hope that one day I can wear it again. I bought pink leggings and a pink t-shirt and then hand painted purple stripes on them. I put my hair in braids and then wore a Cheshire Cat hat I had bought on a whim at Disney World. Then I found these fun and fuzzy pink boots on eBay. And I also had a pink tail. I have to say this, I looked damn cute!

But again, I digress. The point of this post was to say the garden is on its last days. It is a mess and is slowly dying an ugly death. But even though it looks like death warmed over, it is still giving me tomatoes. We will be out trying to salvage as many as we can but I suspect the garden's days are numbered. The only thing left are tomatoes and green peppers. The cukes, squash and beans are all long gone. Some pepper plants got caught up in the carnage and died. Luckily, I planted my jalapenos in a container and they are doing great. Here are a few pictures of the garden and tell me that it doesn't look totally creepy.

P.S. We got our A/C back for the weekend. They have to come back on Monday and switch out the unit outside they ordered the wrong one but they installed a temporary one.


  1. That was a great post. :) I really enjoyed that.

    I'm not that into kid's movies, but hubby is. I did enjoy Finding Nemo, though. Maybe I should check out Caroline...I may even check out Alice in Wonderland.

    As for gardens, I have found a few tomatoes on the ground because I can't keep up with them. But because we'll be moving in a month, I can't really do anything with them. :(

    I'm glad you got AC back, too.