Friday, August 28, 2009

Grr Argh!

So another day passes without air conditioning and it's not pretty folks. Wednesday wasn't bad at all but yesterday got ugly. It started out cool but somewhere along the line the humidity creeped in. It's not horrible but it is sticky and there is nothing to do but suck it up.

The workers came and start working. It was fine at first. They were unloading big pieces of silver things and some round silver things. Duct stuff, I guess. And I hear some activity in the garage. Then all of a sudden the banging starts. Bang, bang, bang. Now I am pretty patient but damn after an hour of banging I wanted to run screaming out of the house with a baseball bat. But I didn't.

The banging continued for about another hour and then there was quiet. I look out the window and I realize it's lunchtime. They are quietly eating their lunch and that means I get a reprieve. I figured I better eat lunch as well so I make my lunch and sit down to watch the news and eat. In the meantime, the boys are done with lunch and proceed under the house to start putting in the ducts.

I see Scout coming into the living room when all of a sudden there is a huge bang from underneath the house where she was walking. I swear that cat went up like 2 feet. I shouldn't laugh but I did. I wish I had a video of it. Hilarious. But then the banging starts from under the house.

At this point my mellow is harshed and I am not a happy camper. But I suck it up and finish lunch. Luckily the noise is now in the back of the house. But by this time it is heating up inside the house. So I start opening doors and windows to get any type of breeze. And everything seems good. The open windows offer some coolness but not much. Scout is finally relaxed but not happy (see she is sneering in the picture). And Shawn,well nothing bothers Shawn. A 8.0 earthquake could hit and Shawn would not be bothered. I want her life.
Just as we all settle down, I hear the roaring of a lawnmower. I forgot it was Thursday; the day the lawn guys come. They start mowing, weed eating and blowing and we, well me and Scout, are on our last nerve. It's hot, humid and noisy and I can't wait until they are finished with the new A/C unit.

By the time they finished, Scout was a jumpy mess. She would walk, jump and then run away. Shawn was still sleeping. And I was a hot and sweaty mess with a mild headache.

They are back today. UGH! But hopefully after they leave, we will finally have some cool air and the banging will stop.

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  1. pretty kittiiiiies!

    no air conditioning? omg! id die! i dont have central air but i have a window unit and i live in the living room when its hot!