Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh Grit(s) ReDeux

Yesterday, we went to see a show called Grits: The Musical at the university. Tom got free tickets so I was forced, I mean asked, to go. This is one of those shows that comes into the Performing Arts Center and has nothing to do with the University. I say this because oh Grit(s) it was probably one of the worst things I have ever seen. And trust me folks, I have seen a lot of bad theatre and musicals in my life.

Tom said we had to go early to take in the show at the art gallery, so we did. Fake Carolyn made an appearance as I had to say hello to people Tom knew. God, I love Fake Carolyn because she is so freaking handy to have around sometimes. So we looked around the art gallery and finally the show started. At first I thought it might be interesting since the show was supposed to be about Southern Belles and I am all about Southern Belles. I honestly believe that in a previous life, I was a Southern Belle since I love all things Southern even though I was born and raised in Los Angeles. Anyhow, I was expecting a light hearted romp sort of like Steel Magnolias with music.

If you haven't seen Steel Magnolias, the play, you should. The movie is fantastic but the play is really good. Anyway, the show started and from the beginning I was horrified. It featured four women telling stories about their life and what it means to be a Grit. Apparently a Grit is a southern woman, who knows, who cares. The stories they were telling weren't interesting, bless their heart. The problem was they would tell you the whole damn boring story and then they would sing about it almost repeating word for word what they just said. The singing wasn't bad but the choreography was horrible. I was sitting there watching them thinking: hey, that looks like me when I dance in my living room trying to imitate the Jackson 5. Problem is, I am better.

At one point they were singing about a dead dog and it was a sad song about this Grit missing her furry friend and I almost burst out laughing. And I don't mean a snicker but a laugh out loud belly laugh. I actually had to cover my mouth and start thinking about bad things so I wouldn't laugh. I was telling myself think of Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street, think of Jason from Friday the 13th but that didn't help. I looked up saw one of the "Grits" pining for the dead puppy and almost lost it again. I swear it wouldn't have been at all appropriate to burst out laughing while this woman was seranading her dead fur baby, not appropriate at all. Luckily, the song ended and I fought back my evil urges to laugh. Then at one point, I look over at Tom who was sitting next to 2 of his faculty members and they are chuckling. And I figured it was just at the bad lyrics but found out later that Andrew had noticed that in between the songs the drummer was working on a crossword puzzle or writing his autobiography. That's how bored he was.

The theatre was so dark that we couldn't read the program so we had no idea how many songs were left to intermission. At this point, I am trying to think of unicorns, sunshine and fairies but the horrific lyrics and music kept sucking me back into reality and all I could do is sit there and try not to run screaming out of the theatre. Finally, the lights went up and Tom and I got up and started exiting. At this point, I already knew I was going to grab Tom in the lobby and tell him that I couldn't take it any longer and I would be walking home if he didn't take me home but as we exited he said go right, go right! I said why and he said it's the easiest way to out. Hallelujah, praise Baby Jesus! We were escaping. So we scoot out in a hurry when we see 2 other Theatre folks leaving as well. You know it's bad when there is a mass exodus of the Theatre faculty and staff. So we continue walking and see another Theatre faculty member and her husband leaving as well.

Ay dios mio, I knew then that I loved Tom so much in that moment because he knew that I needed to be saved. Speechless and stunned by the horror of it all, we got in the car and couldn't talk for minutes. When we did finally find our voice we talked about how bad the show was. Then Tom, probably out of guilt of dragging me to this nightmare, took me out to dinner at our favorite restaurant, El Pacifico. YAY! Yes, yes, I was good and had a Taco Salad and only ate half of it and had maybe 4 chips with salsa and guacamole. I am learning folks, I am learning!!

Anyway, today is also weigh-in day and I lost another pound! YAY ME! I think I am doing really well on my diet. I think the good thing about the Nutrisystem program is that it takes the weight off slow so you learn about portion sizes and food you should and shouldn't eat. Sometimes I find myself wanting to eat less than I am supposed to in hopes I lose weight faster but I know that won't work. So I try to be a good girl and really stick to it. I am running out of food so I hope my next delivery comes soon! But like I said before, I am learning to eat less. I am learning that I can still eat some tasty food but to cut back. I think that will help in the long run. I am surprised I am not feeling famished. I am assuming that because I am eating less sugar and carbs that somehow that helps. Plus, eating all day helps because I feel less tired.

I have nothing good planned this week. Today I am hoping that the A/C is installed and done for good. I hate the banging and lack of coolness and people coming into my house and dirtying my floors. But I am told they will be finished today but I highly doubt that but who knows.

We went out to Coraline's Garden when we got home and now we have tomatoes up the ying yang so I will also be putting up more. I swear we will have so many frozen tomatoes come winter that I can't wait. I got a great recipe for a creamy basil tomato soup that I have to try. I think I might put up some of that as well. There is nothing like tomato soup and grilled cheese in the winter to get you warm. Yummo!


  1. Carolyn,
    Great entry! Pleasure to read it!
    And yes, the tomato soup with fresh herbs really is a hit with me in the winter!
    Post your recipe, I'll try in my kitchen.
    Thank you.

  2. No grits for me, thanks. Have tried several time in different ways. Still don't like it.