Thursday, September 17, 2009

Holy Flying Projectiles Batman!

So I was sitting in the living room reading the Huffington Post online and watching MSNBC. The cats were here with me waiting to be fed. Of course, I was ignoring them because it was too early for them to be fed. So all is quiet and peaceful. Then all of a sudden we hear a huge KAPOW!

Scout immediately jumped up and started skulking toward the dining room to see what was up. I sat there for a second and then got up to look out the living room window that looks out to the front porch. And Shawn, well Shawn she raised her head and then went back to sleep. God, I want her life.
When I looked out I saw a bird by the porch door. Now birds hitting our porch door is a common occurrence. They also slam into the kitchen windows as well. This happens at least once a week. I figure that they are flying over the river and think it's a straight shot but, alas, it is not. Usually they hit the door or windows, fall and then fly away. This poor guy was just lying there. He hit the glass door pretty hard.

I tried to see if it was breathing but I didn't want to go out and poke at it. So I did something that is becoming second nature to me. I grabbed the camera. Yeah it's morbid taking pictures of a dead bird for my blog but it's all to entertain the masses. I then emailed Tom to tell him what happened like he could do anything. But I wasn't going to anything. I figured when Tom came home he would do something.

I guess I was just happy the door didn't break or that the bird actually got into the house. Since I was little I heard if a bird gets into your house and does not go out the same way it comes in, there will be a death. Sure, that sounds silly now but I had many a family member in Costa Rica tell me when aunts, cousins, uncles, friends etc. died a bird had come into the house. It's one of those weird urban legend I heard as a child. I have a lot of them and I am sure at one time or another, I will blog about them.

Anyway, Tom got home and I thought great he will pick up the bird and go bury it or something. What did he do? He grabbed the broom and swept the poor bird off the porch onto the lawn. WTF? If the bird was a sign of some impending doom, I think Tom just sealed his fate by being so heartless. His actions deflected any tragedy off of me. So I guess that's a good thing, for me, not the bird.


  1. Too flipin' funny about your hubby... that's how men are!

  2. Birds do this on our big windows too. It's so sad. I hear big whop sounds and I just know another bird is hurt. It's sad.

    Probably most men would just sweep it into the yard. We bury ours. I am sick of seeing dead birds. :(