Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Update on Flooding

Last night it got a little hairy because they released water from the dam. We had tons of emergency vehicles around for hours. I guess they were trying to monitor the river to make sure it didn't flood. There were places where the water breached including down the road from us. The street was flooded and they had to close it. But by that time it was pretty late so there was no traffic.

It also rained some last night but by the time I got up, the river was down and everything was back to normal. Now the river is a lot higher than usual but at least it has gone down. I went out and took some pictures.

This is from the front yard.
You can see how close we live to the river.

Last night the water was up to the top of the deck.

The famous stick. It is a lot lower today.

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  1. That would have made me very nervous to watch the water level going up... I hope things are better now. Stay safe and dry.