Monday, September 21, 2009

We might have to build an ark!

So it's been raining the last few days. It wasn't a big deal until last night when it rained all night. I get up this morning and it is still raining. No big deal as I start the day. But around 8:30 I notice that the rain is getting worse and worse. So I look out our glass doors and actually see the water in river. It's rare for us to see the water since it's usually so low.

As the day goes on and the rain continues I start getting worried because the water is rising at an alarming rate. I decided I needed to take pictures. I went to our front porch and found this stick that had been left there from the road widening experiment. I started taking pictures almost every hour and look at the difference.

In the first picture the water isn't even above the stick. But then it starts changing and really fast. Tom heard at work that they might have to release water from the dam upstream so that just means more water for us. When Tom got home we went out to the bank to check it out. We determined that it has about 3-4 feet before it reaches the top of the bank. Then it has to cross the 2 lane road. We have a ditch on the side of the road and then we have a 2-3 foot hill up to our property. Then we have about 40 feet to the house and the house is up about 2-3 feet.

The problem would be our cars especially my mini car. At that point, we would have to drive the cars up the street. Luckily, a faculty member lives up the road and he would probably let us park our cars up there.

There is more rain in the forecast so we have to just keep an eye out especially since they keep releasing water. Keep your fingers crossed we don't get flooded out.

UPDATE 9:00PM - We went outside to look around since there were all sorts of emergency vechicles. THe river is almost up to the bank. The water reached the deck and down the road part of the road on our side of the river is flooded and they closed the roadway. We are hoping that's it since they released water and it should hold where it is. We'll have to see in the morning.

Around 9:00 am

Around 11:00 am

Around 2:00 PM

Around 4:00pm

Someone built this deck a few weeks ago. And now the water is almost up to the top. It was at least 5-6 ft from the water when it was built.


  1. o my goodness. should you pack some bags just in case?

  2. I just read on yahoo news about the storm there and the tragedies. Be safe!