Monday, September 21, 2009

Well I almost made it!

So close but no cigar. I wanted to lose 2 pounds this week on the Nutrisystem program to get to 10 but I am a little short. It's hard to tell from my scale because I can barely read the numbers. I so need a digital scale. But I will round down and say I lost another pound this week. Not the two I wanted but as long as the scale keeps going down, I am fine with that. The Wii has me at losing 1.5 pounds but I can't trust the evil Wii because it goes up and down and I can't get a good read until a few days out.

The good thing is that the Evil Wii has not been able to be that mean to me lately because I am losing weight. Now because of its own issues, I might lose 2 pounds one day and then gain a pound and a half the next day and so on. So it tries to ask me why I have gained weight but it has to eat its words a few days later when I am down overall.

I am still doing pretty well on Nutrisystem. I am not bored of the food yet. Now there are a few things I get sent that I don't want to eat at all but I try to doctor them up with spices and/or condiments. A salad always helps as well. I am finding if you make a good salad, it's like a full meal.

This week is going to be tricky. I am meeting an old friend from Florida on Wednesday. She and her hubby are in Franklin and we are doing lunch or dinner. I am very excited because I really like her and miss her. She is one of the sweetest ladies ever. Plus, she was always tolerant at my shenanigans when we worked together.

This coming weekend I am going to a conference in Asheville and that means temptations and non-Nutrisystem food. Well, I am taking some of my Nutrisystem snacks just to have on hand. Luckily, one of the items that Nutrisystem gives are snack bars for breakfast and lunch. If I have one of these and a salad I will be good to go. So I am stuffing those in my luggage for sure!This is also where the portion control and better food choices will make or break this week. Wish me luck!!!

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  1. That's exactly why i rarely weigh myself. It changes every day. And you're like, how did I lose 5 lbs last week, and gain 3 in a day, and t hen lose 6?

    The scale is evil!

    That's fabulous though, congrats!