Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Western North Carolina State Fair

On Sunday we willy-nilly decided to go to Asheville and attended the WNC State Fair. We aren't State Fair kind of people but we went crazy. It was actually quite fun. Now the one thing I love about Fairs is the food but I was so so so good and didn't have one thing except a bottle of water.

But they had funnel cakes. The had corn dogs, hot dogs, gyros, sub sandwiches. They had like 20 different versions of fries. Blooming onions, ice cream, deep fried candy bars and my favorite thing in the world cotton candy. I love cotton candy and I was hoping that some little kid would walk by me with cotton candy so I could rip a piece off and stuff it in my mouth. It didn't happen.

We saw the usual things: Cows, bulls, chickens, horses, lambs, alpacas, goats, llamas, camels, a giant shark and Smokey the Bear. We saw crafts, preserves, quilts and farm equipment. We saw a huge pumpkin that was like 434 pounds. Holy guacamole. The interesting things we saw were a lot of booths telling me how Jesus can save me. And there were a lot of Confederate flags around. We saw a booth for the Brothers of the Confederacy. Confederate hats, bandannas, t-shirts and a crocheted flag on a stall of a horse. There was also bear skin rug that I know Sarah Palin would have loved.

The other thing I love about fairs are the midway games. I only played one and on my first try won a stuffed bear. I love stuffed animals. I wasn't sure what to name him but Tom suggested Two Buck Chuck since he cost $2 to win. So now Two Buck Chuck is now a member of the family.
Here are some random shots for your viewing pleasure.

Piggies!! I love Pigs!!

Yep, the crocheted Confederate Flag on the horse stall. Holy moley baby we are in the South.

Big Bull. You can't tell but this thing was ginormous!!

Me and Two Buck Chuck in the Exhibit Hall.
Chuck is a North Carolina Tar Heel.

434 pounds!

Sarah would love this in her office. Oh wait, she has no office anymore. hee

Only in the South, folks. Yikers.

"Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires." That is if you aren't an arsonist.

Camels in North Carolina. That is SO wrong.

"I think we're gonna need a bigger boat."


Deliciousness again!


  1. 434 pounds is nothin'. You should take a trip to Ohio in October for the Pumpkin Show - over 1,000 pound pumpkins. ;)