Monday, October 5, 2009

10 down - 5,000,000 to go

Well it feels like 5,000,000 but it's only 20. Yes, folks, I was good this past week and stuck to the Nutrisystem program as much as I could and lost that last pesky pound to get to 10. It's a miracle since the week before I had gone off for a few days because of the conference and being away from home.

But it feels good to be down 10 and I notice the change. It's not huge but my clothes are fitting better and I wore some things I haven't for a while. At the conference I wore a form fitting sweater and I could see the change in my waist because it actually was smaller. Again, not a huge difference but a difference nonetheless.

I am still loving most of the Nutrisystem food. Any of the frozen food is terrific especially breakfast. I get omelets, breakfast burritos, pancakes and french toast. I hated eating breakfast but now I do love it. I think I mentioned before that I had some weird veggie wrap filling that I will not eat again. It was just something I didn't like. So I opted to get fresh veggies and chicken breast and make it almost the same way. Who knew I could have a wrap on a diet? Delish.

This week will bring more temptations. Tom's mom and his two aunts are visiting this weekend and that means eating out again. I am just hoping I can keep up the portion control and making healthier choices. I am learning and I think even Tom is surprised. This weekend we were in the big city again and ate out. I opted for a salad instead of the Pad Thai, now that is self-control. I will blog about that tomorrow.

So that is my update. I believe I am still doing pretty well. Now I need to get my lazy butt up and start exercising a little more. Last week I was bad and only did it twice. This week's goal is at least 3 days before the weekend!! I think once I reach 15 pounds, I am posting a before and after picture. ((shudder))

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  1. You're inspirational! I'm so glad Nutrisystem is working out so well for you!