Friday, October 30, 2009

The Art of Random Willy Nilly Pumpkin Carving

I decided to finally carve the pumpkin we got this weekend. I think I have only tried to carve a pumpkin once or twice in my life. The only time I remember doing it was in Florida. I learned an important lesson: Never carve pumpkins in Florida. We put that baby out and it rotted in two days. It was then my pumpkin carving days were over.

But now that we are in NC, I figured why not try it again. It would look good on the patio. SO today I grabbed the pumpkin and brought it into the house. I figured I would carve it in our massively large sink because that way it would be easier to clean up then having to drag pumpkins guts from the patio. Isn't my sink the best thing? It's huge!!

I wanted to do Ghostface from the Scream movies because I love him! Now if you haven't seen the Scream movies, go rent them RIGHT NOW! They are a "Scream." I love them because they spoof all the real horror movies and they do it really well. It cracked me up and scared me a little bit. They are clever and witty and scary. Even Tom liked them and he hates horror films! So I figured that Ghostface, the villainous killer from Scream, would be perfect for my pumpkin.

I went online to find a stencil because I draw for poop. I searched high and low and NOTHING, NADA. I finally found a picture and printed it but I had no idea what I needed to cut out or not so I decided like I do most things to just do it willy nilly and see if it worked out.

I began by cutting out the top and digging out the crud. Once I did that, I attached the picture to the pumpkin with toothpicks and began carving. I figured I had to do the eyes, nose and mouth and then played the rest by ear. It took a while but I think overall the pumpkin came out looking pretty damn good. Of course I think if I would have had a stencil it might have been better but I am very happy with my pumpkin!!

Here is the finished product at night ~ Spooky!!!


  1. He looks great!! We still need to do ours. A tip: rub the cut areas with vaseline to prevent it from wilting so fast. =)

  2. Nice work! We set up a carving table at friend's house last night as well. Happy Halloween!

  3. It really looks great all lit up like that! I'm proud of you!