Saturday, October 31, 2009


I love Halloween. It is my second favorite holiday coming in behind Thanksgiving. I have loved Halloween ever since I was a child. I loved dressing up and getting free candy. I loved the whole idea of Halloween. I will not be giving out candy tonight though because no one comes to our house. That makes me sad because I love seeing little kids all dressed up and handing out goodies to them.

When I think of it, when we lived in Santa Fe no kids came either. We lived out in the boonies like we do now and the neighborhoods just aren't conducive for trick or treating. In Santa Fe, coyotes would have grabbed a kid or two if they did come around. We had dirt roads and NO street lights. Plus all the houses were far from each other so it was not a good thing.

When we lived in Florida we got a lot of kids coming by our house in Boynton Beach. The first year there was wonderful. We had tons of kids and I put on my witch hat and handed out candy like crazy. The next year and subsequent years after that, I was elected to be the person from The Lord's Place (where I worked) to go to the mall and hand out candy. Every year, they sponsored an organization and we were elected. So I would put on my Lord's Place polo shirt and some jeans and head out to the mall. It was actually quite fun because the people were really nice and they had a stage set up where kids would bring canned goods in exchange for goodies.

I saw so many cool costumes and the kids were actually great. That is saying a lot for someone who hates kids. But the first year, our director was late and I was forced to get on camera and talk about the food drive. I was petrified. But I did okay. The next day I remember a neighbor coming up to me and saying hey I saw you on TV. I was famous for three minutes! WOO

But as much as I liked doing the mall gig, I missed about 3 or 4 Halloweens where I could have been handing our candy to the neighborhood kids. Then we moved to Santa Fe and no Halloween and now here, no Halloween. It sort of sucks because I love decorating and hanging ghosts from the trees and putting out ghouls and stuff. I love anything scary.

I also like dressing up. When we were little my mom made some of our costumes. One of my favorite Halloween costumes was a gypsy dress my mom made for my sister, it was great. I was jealous because I was a store bought cat that year but I think I inherited the dress later on. I just loved dressing up and running around the neighborhood getting freebie candy. I mean how cool is that?

My best costume EVER was Magenta from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was when I was in High School. I so wish I had a picture of that but my friend never gave me a copy and I never saw her again after we graduated. My mom made me the maid's dress. I braided my long hair the night before so when I brushed it out the next day it was like Magenta's. I had the whitish makeup, fake eyelashes and the red lips. I looked great and, of course, we headed off to the midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show along with the other freaks. It was great fun.

My other favorite costume was the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. I didn't wear that on Halloween though. I wore that for a Volunteer Party we had at The Lord's Place. It was cool. I still have it and plan to wear it again, one day. I had the Cheshire Cat head hat. I bought and made my costume. I got a big t-shirt and leggings and dyed them pink. Then I painted purple stripes on the outfit. The stripes were a little demented but that sort of worked because the Cheshire Cat is a little demented and weird. I attached a pink tail and bought some cool pink furry boots. The pink boots made the outfit. Unfortunately, I don't have a full body picture because I looked so cute! I made a great Cheshire Cat! And damn, my mouth and smile are just as big!!

But this year, Tom is out of town for a few days so I am alone on Halloween. It is the perfect Halloween day: gloomy, stormy and windy. I am being bad and making Olla de Carne (Oxtail soup) for dinner. I will then curl up and watch some bad horror flicks I Netflixed. I won't eat candy as I am still watching the diet. But I might sneak in some popcorn because 3 cups of popcorn is a free food on the Nutrisystem plan! YAY! Then the horror fest will begin.

Have a Happy and safe Halloween everyone!


  1. I think we are going to watch some spooky movies tonight too - the classics. We decided not to hand out candy this year at all - very few people come by here.

  2. I am a purple witch this year...I will post pics for you to see at PBH...

  3. I love your Cheshire cat costume!

    Happy Halloween! Sorry you're alone but your popcorn and movie plan sounds like a good one. I think I'm going to watch a movie too, probably not a scary one, just suspenseful.

  4. Im just twittering tonight. Only three kids have come by, its a rainy night in georgia. I believe it is keeping them away. Hope your night goes good.