Thursday, October 1, 2009

Diet Update

Okay I have been avoiding this post like nobody's business. With me off at the conference then the Grove Park Inn I went totally off the Nutrisystem program since I can't travel with my food. Well I did stick some of my Nutrisystem bars in my luggage and they did come in handy.

So I am back home and trying to get back in the groove. I finally faced the evil Wii and hopped on to access the damage. Well hot damn, wasn't I surprised when the evil Wii told me I haven't gained an ounce!! Woo-Hoo! Okay, I didn't lose weight but I didn't gain and that's fantastic, for me. Take that Evil Wii!!!

Whew! I was so afraid but hopeful since I really didn't cheat that much. At the conference, I ate what they gave us. I think what really helped me was the portion control that I have adopted from the Nutrisystem program. They served us a breakfast burrito one morning and I ate half and all the fruit. For lunch, I did the same thing. And when we were served a chocolate pudding pie thingy, I pulled out one of my Nutrisystem dessert bars instead. When I went to the speakers dinner, I also ate half of my meal. Now I cheated with that yummy white bean, truffle oil soup shooter but it was worth it. But again, I ate half of everything on the plates. When I went to the Grove Park Inn with Tom, I didn't have an appetizer and ate half of my salad and entree as well and skipped dessert.

I cannot stress how I like the program because it is easy but again what I am learning is that I don't have to eat the full meal to be satisfied. This has never happened with me before. Usually, I eat the whole thing. Somehow my perception has shifted and I can control it more.

So I didn't lose and I wish I had but oh well. I am back on the program again and sticking to it. Now I have to get back in the exercise groove again. I am not sure if I will lose a full pound next week but I will try try again. I am just happy I had some willpower the last few days! Yay me!!