Thursday, October 29, 2009

I have totally been avoiding this post

Nutrisystem is providing me the Nutrisystem food free of charge for my weight loss journey. The compensation received will never influence the content of my posts. No other form compensation has been offered or given.

I am sure you all can guess why I have been avoiding this. Let's just say for the past week because of my trip to Cancun, I was off the Nutrisystem program for a week. So when I got on the scale this week, I was scared I might have gained a lot of weight.

Well, I gingerly stepped on the scale and found out that I hadn't really gained or lost weight. I am up a few ounces but I am not sure how correct that is since my scale sucks! But I am so happy. But I really shouldn't be surprised. Sure I cheated some in Mexico eating some dessert but mainly I stayed on my portion control kick.

I also have been good about making better choices. In Atlanta, I went to eat at Ruby Tuesdays and I wanted to get the little sliders they have but opted for a soup and salad instead. In Mexico, I have a egg white omelet instead of eggs and bacon. I ate grilled chicken and veggies instead of something worse. I did have a burger one day and ate half. Luckily, the portions at the Dreams Resort were small. They have very nice portions and not like we have here in the U.S. Part of that is probably because they are all inclusive and that cuts down on waste but they worked out well for me.

I did also have some liquor when at the resort as well. I usually don't drink so that might not have been the best thing but when in Rome. . . I also had dessert but we split one and the other times, I ate half.

So I am very proud of myself for learning to eat better and I have to thank the Nutrisystem program for that. It really helps knowing what I should and shouldn't be eating and how much.

This week, I am back on the plan and hoping to continue the weight loss. I have to admit though that because I get sent the same food every two weeks, I have grown tired of some of it. But if you sign up for the plan, you can pick and choose your foods so that might not happen. But when I don't want to eat something, I opt for a salad instead and that helps a lot. I am finding that a good salad with a little protein is a wonderful meal. Well, I am hoping to report some weight loss next week. I also have to start getting off my butt and exercising again. I swear once you get some time off to relax on the beach, you never want to go back to exercising but I have to. So wish me luck!!


  1. Good luck.

    Here is a question: How do you feel about being sent food to eat (in other words, being told what to eat) VS learning to buy/cook/eat proper healthy choices for a lifetime of weight maintenance?

  2. Honestly, it has made the weight loss easier. It's easier to know what I am eating everyday and knowing if I stick to it, I willlose weight. I think it's a good program to get started the road to weight loss. And like I have found out, the program has helped me know what better choices I should be making. I also realize that I can't be on the program forever. But what has been good for me is learning those better choices and portion sizes. As you have seen that even when I have to eat the non-Nutrisystem food I have been pretty good. Plus, Nutrisystem has online tools to help in the transition from their food to other foods. THey have information on nutritional values of food. They have healthy recipes and forums where you can talk to others to help along the way. That also has helped me. And in the end, regardless of the food it comes down to a personal decision to make the change. In the end, it;s my decision whether to eat a salad or a donut. And the program has helped me make that little shift when faced with that problem.

    So all together that program does help you lose weight easily but if you take advantage of all their tools, then you also learn to make those helathier choices for lifetime weight manangement. I think the program is the starting point. Because I will tell you that with every pound I lose, I am more motivated to lose more. I hope that answers the question.

  3. Good luck with it! I think having the meal all portioned out and picked for you would help a lot. I always gain weight while on vacation. I love that you allowed yourself some treats without getting out of hand.