Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Fall Fun

This weekend we needed to do a Sam's Club run in Asheville. So we headed off to the big city. We had lunch at a place we have been dying to try: The Mellow Mushroom. The Mellow Mushroom is in downtown Asheville. It always looked funky monkey when we walked by and so we decided to give it a go. It is really super hippyish and I love anything hippie-like. It was actually really good. Since it was a gorgeous Fall day we sat outside. It was great except for the bees that kept buzzing around. I hate bees! Anyway, they have sandwiches, salads, pizza etc. and it was packed. But then again, every time we walk by it's packed. Tom got a sausage sandwich and I got an avocado sandwich. Plus we also got some hummus and it was delish. Next time we will definitely try the pizza because it looked fantastic!! And how can you not love a place that tells you to Feed Your Head? All they need is the White Rabbit hanging around.

After lunch we decided to visit the Castle in the Corn Maze that is put on by a non-profit organization in Asheville: Eliada Homes. I had seen a mention of it in the paper and we thought it would be cool to try it out. Since I am an L.A. girl, I never ever in my life saw a cornfield until I traveled when I got older. Tom had never gone which is surprising since he grew up in Ohio. So we bought our tickets and headed off into the corn. I was actually hoping to see some Children of the Corn but there were only real children who were frolicking. I was hoping for the kind of children who carry sickles and cause havoc and mayhem. Oh well maybe next Halloween.

The Dragon's Lair maze we took was supposed to encompass 2.2 miles. Now that's a long way to be walking around in dried out corn and, of course, I was like UGH because I hate walking. But being the good sport that I am, I headed out into the corn with Tom and started walking. It was muddy and there were others trying to navigate the corn along with us. Luckily, Tom couldn't read the map they gave us and we ended up getting lost in the corn. Because we got lost we ended up NOT doing the whole 2.2 miles. This was fine with me because the less I walk the better. It was fun though. I think these type of activities are probably better with kids because it's more of a kid thing. But now we can say that we did the corn maze thing.

After the maze, we went to the pumpkin patch and Tom bought me a pumpkin to carve. Now I have only carved one pumpkin in my life and that's when we lived in Florida. It wasn't bad until we set it out and then it rotted in 2 days because of the heat. Suffice it to say, no more pumpkins ever. But it was fun picking out a pumpkin. So this week I am going to carve the thing but I am pretty much clueless and hopefully I will be able to find a stencil online and make something cute.

After the maze it was off to Sam's and then home again. The drive back and forth was wonderful. I think the peak of the leaves was this weekend and possibly this week. Next weekend might still have some of the colors as well but then it's downhill from then. I wish my pictures did the colors justice but they don't.

On Sunday, Tom decided to "winterize" the outside of the house. He cleaned out storm drains, pulled in hoses, pulled in the outdoor furniture and cleaned up. He also got some wood ready on the patio. It's been slowly but surely getting colder around here so it's a good thing he is preparing. I got crazy and decided to do something in my veggie garden. Tom had taken out all the wire tomato plant thingys this past week. I decided to dig up what was left and turn over the soil so any of the plant material could compost itself into the ground. I had a few pepper plants left but when I was in Mexico there was a frost and it basically killed off anything plants left. The jalapenos, green peppers and basil were totally dead when I got back home. Anyway, digging up the garden and turning the soil was hard work. I almost died for Pete's sake. But it got done and hopefully now all that will compost and stay clear and then it will be easier to get it going again in the Spring. I can't even believe that I had a garden much less think about Spring. But the picture on the left is the before and the picture on the right is the garden after all the work I did.


  1. beautiful pics! i didnt go to the pumpkin patch this year. i feel incomplete!

  2. You are going to be so happy in the spring that you turned it all over already!

    Your trip into Asheville sounded really great! You do NOT live a boring life.