Monday, November 9, 2009

Fire In The Sky

I went outside to get the mail and when I turned back toward the house I saw all this smoke in the sky. I have no idea where this fire is. I emailed Tom and he said he saw it too and it was on the other side of the mountain. Hoepfully it will be contained because a fire in these mountains could turn into something huge especially now that the weather is drier.


  1. That is so scary. We get fires like that here too, but more so up in the mountains. A lot of people burn huge piles of leaves and compost here too, which always freaks me out. I hope it doesn't get out of control.

  2. I hope by now that the fire has been contained. That's scary!

  3. I hope that the fire is contained as well. I have a few aunts and uncles who live in California and they get so worried when a fire starts anywhere near their neighborhood because they say it can spread before they know it.

    Please keep us updated.