Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Memories

I have written about how my family never celebrated Thanksgiving when we were small. The reason was that my parents are from Costa Rica and Thanksgiving is not celebrated there. So when they emigrated here it was just something that was not a tradition. I don't remember ever feeling like we were missing out because we celebrated it on own way.

What I do remember is that every Thanksgiving (and I am not sure when this started) we would get dressed up and our parents would take us to downtown Los Angeles and we would have dinner at Clifton's cafeteria in Downtown Los Angeles.

It was always so exciting. We didn't eat out much in those days so anytime we did go out was always a treat. Clifton's was so fantastic especially when you are little. Even as a little girl, I loved food so this was a great place for me. I remember it was a huge place and it had 2 stories. You would get seated and then you would grab a tray and walk down the aisles and look at all the yummy food. There was rows and rows of all types of food. Meats, veggies, side dishes and desserts. It was like a Food Wonderland. I remember everything you picked, you paid for separately. So Jackie and I would roam the aisles taking our time before we decided what to snatch up and put on the tray. I also remember the numerous varieties of pies and cakes. OMG for a little kid it was like heaven!! The other thing I remember was the jello. They had jello with fruit in it and with whipped topping. Now that might sound weird but remember we didn't really eat "American" food when we were little so all this was new to use. Jackie said she remembers the jello was 5 cents a plate. That tells you how long ago that was.

We would load up our trays and then we would go back to our table. The server would bring us drinks and then we would eat! For being Thanksgiving, there were always people there. That's all I remember. I do remember how nice it was and how good those times were. My sister says Clifton's is still in downtown L.A. and the decor is the same. If I ever go visit her, I am going to drag her there to relive our glory days!!

I am not sure when we stopped going to Clifton's for Thanksgiving. And as I said, at a certain point when we got older and learned about Thanksgiving and its significance we started celebrating it like everyone else and never stopped.

Nowadays we visit Tom's family in Ohio and/or I cook. And sometimes we have Thanksgiving for Christmas or another time during the year. We love Thanksgiving dinner. And I must say that I make a mean turkey. My stuffing is to DIE FOR! I have no recipe for it. I just willy nilly toss stuff in and it's always delish. There is just something very comforting about a good ol' American Turkey dinner. There is nothing like it.

This year, we will be in Athens. No, not Greece but Ohio having Turkey Day dinner at my brother-in-law's house. It should be fun. But I have my very own turkey in our freezer ready to be cooked during the Christmas holidays!! YUMMO!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. P.S. I adore your family photo.

  2. I'll be over for that December dinner. You can count on it.