Monday, December 7, 2009

Busy Weekend and Christmas Prep

This weekend was extremely nuts. Fun but tiring. It started out with me going on a baking spree. Last year, I made cookies for Tom's co-workers so he could give out as little gifts. Nothing fancy but homemade cookies make a nice little thank you gift. This year Tom asked if I would do it again. Of course, being the sweet, wonderful, darling wife that I am, I said yes. **snicker** That's how I roll.
So Saturday I spent my day baking. I had received a cookie book in the mail a few weeks ago so I scoured the pages and came up with some ideas. I decided to try making some Jam Thumbprint cookies since I had some of that tasty jam from Imladris Farms that I bought during our Asheville adventure. I also decided on Christmas Russian Tea Cake Cookies, Peanut Butter Hershey Kiss cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Spritz cookies. I decided to try a recipe for the thumbprint cookies from my nemesis: Ina Garten the Barefoot Contessa. And once again, Ina let me down. I followed her instructions and although my Jam Thumbprint cookies tasted really good they came out horribly demented and I blame Ina.

Okay, maybe it wasn't Ina. I decided to use the jam I had bought from Imladris Farms. OMG you have to go check out their site if you are a jam fan because this stuff is soooooo good. I hadn't opened it since we bought it so it was also the first time I tried it. LOVE IT! I think though the problem is that it was a little more runny than the store bought stuff. The cookies then absorbed the liquid during cooking and they spread out and came out looking weird. Of course, nowhere in the Barefoot Contessa's recipe was I warned this might happen. Yeah, thanks Ina! Whatever. Luckily, one bite told us that they were delish!! So sure people will see them and be horrified but if the ugliness of the cookie doesn't stop them, they will have a tasty treat. No thanks to the Barefoot Contessa.

On Sunday, I finished making the rest of the cookies. The Hershey Kiss Peanut Butter cookies were easy peasy to make as were the Chocolate Chip cookies. The Spritz Cookies were a nightmare! Now to make Spritz cookies you have to use a cookie press. We have one that has been in Tom's family for god knows how long. Tom usually is my Spritz Cookie maker but since he was busy with the tree, I had to do it on my own. The damn cookie press is hard to use and it took me several tries and 100 ruined cookies before I got the hang of it. I tried to make Christmas trees but they didn't work so I stuck with the stars. Sure some of the stars came out demented and blobish looking but in the end I covered them in powdered and colored sugar to disguise the hideousness. Let me tell you, a little powdered sugar makes everything look better than it really is.

Tom did a lot of work because he had to climb up to the highest shelves of the garage to get the tree down. We have to have a fake tree because one year we decided to buy a real tree and Scoutie got sick. She started chewing on it and her mouth got a nasty rash. So we never got a real tree again. When we moved back to Florida from PA, we got a fake tree and it is actually quite nice. No mess, no fuss and it looks pretty good.

So Tom got the fake tree out and started assembling it and also decorating it. We haven't had a Christmas tree up for years. The last time was in Florida. The reason being is we are never home for Christmas or Tom had to work on Christmas doing shows at the Caldwell Theatre so it was sort of a waste to do so. And my lazy ass wasn't going to drag the tree in and do it, so I always went without it. I usually grabbed a wreath and some decorations and called it Christmas. I figure as long as I get gifts, I don't care if they are under a tree or under a rock. Just give me presents!

So the whole day was spent baking and decorating and we were beat by the end of the night. Poor Tom got a TV dinner as a meal because after baking for hours, I was in no mood to cook. We were pooped. But the tree is up and the cookies are packed and ready to give away.

I bought some cute little boxes to pack cookies in. They are the perfect way to package delicious homemade cookies.

Anyhow, I am not going to blog a lot this week. I have tons of reviews and giveaways to do on my other blog so I am going to focus on that so I can get them up before Christmas. I also have to finish the decorating the tree. The tree still needs so many more ornaments! I will do a Wordless Wednesday and my regular Nutrisystem post on Friday which I am dreading because it seems like I am a little stalled on the weight loss because of the holidays. I was good with the cookies. I tasted the dough and then had Tom taste the cookies to make sure they didn't taste as horrible as they looked! But I didn't snack on them at all. And Tom took them all to work this morning so I am not tempted to munch on them.

I am also very close to my 200th post!! And I will be doing a special giveaway for my readers so keep an eye out. It's "Off the Hook."


  1. I can't believe how much baking you did!!! You rock! I haven't even started on that path yet. When my daughter comes home next week, I'll make her help me!

  2. good godfrey thats a lot of cookies!

    I have a cookie press. i got it from pampered chef though and you just pull the trigger and it makes cookies in nano seconds.

    however, ive only made them twice lol.